Dracula Frames – Hidden Achievement Guide

This is just to show how to get to the final hidden achievement in this short short puzzle game.

How to Obtain Hidden Achievement

All credit goes to Jamkolero!


8/9 of the achievements in this game are easily obtained by solving the 8 puzzles. I won’t show you how to solve the puzzles as that represents majority of what you can actually do in the game (plus it is I think random). And seriously guys, you don’t need any help for the puzzles too.

This is really for the last achievement, which is also not hard to get to be honest. Hope it helps.

Thanks goes out to the creators of the game for a very very short but relaxing experience.

Hidden Achievement

The hidden achievement is actually another mini-game, which you can get by doing the following steps:

  • On the first level, click on the treasure chest on the right side of the room to reveal a mirror.
  • On the fifth level, click on the treasure chest to reveal a vial.
  • On the seventh level, there is a hole under the painting you have to complete. Click on that to reveal a ring.
  • Go back to the second level and pull the bookcase to reveal a door. All three items you discovered should all be there.
  • Click on the door and the mini-game will start.

Mini-game mechanics

The goal of the game is to get the apple on the left to the basket on the right. As you slide squares so you can move the apple, Dracula (well I think he is Dracula) will appear randomly in different squares and will grow bigger after a few seconds (up to all adjacent squares). If you get hit or go into one of the spaces with a skull, the mini-game exits.

Once you complete it, you get the final achievement.

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