Containment Initiative – Unlocks Guide

This is a guide about unlocking everything in containment initiative about what I recommend you take as a Easy path towards unlocks that I found can be done reliably. Do note this is not a speed run this is about making it as easy as possible for any person of any skill to unlock everything.

Guide to Unlocks

All credit goes to Nattie98!


This is not the Definitive way to do this, this is just the easiest way to unlock everything from my knowledge.

To Start

To begin i recommend first off you click the gear below the equipment settings and set your locomotion and holding controls. You start off with $400 which gives you enough money to buy a .45 or the 9mm. The 9mm has a 15 bullet mag but does 2 points less damage per bullet then all the other guns and the .45 does the normal 10 but only has 8 shots so it really is just personal preference if you want more damage or a bigger mag for your starting pistol. But once you have enough money you can get the .40 Glock which has the best of both 15 bullets per mag and the normal 10 damage and is actually important for later in this guide to.

Then play the tutorial to familiarize yourself, as for what to do after that is to do scavenge city continuously. Its the easiest scavenge map, Scavenge is better at paying out in money then doing the objectives so you can rack in Money, Scavenge also allows you to get Red equipment crates and Blue medical creates that buff the health and let you get equipment for the gun which you’ll need for the unlocks. Also there is a rare chance zombies and wooden crates can drop special ammo types that whilst are not needed are very helpful.

What You Need

Now onto collecting cash and items for what you’ll need to unlock the more demanding items. You can also go to factory scavenge after you get some better items to get more money but its a little harder to get crates to the drop off at the top of the stairs in the main room.

But as for what I recommend you work on unlocking

.40 Pistol

The best pistol is useful since defense missions have an objective to use pistol only so get and use the best one.)

Assault Rifle 5.56mm

This is the best assault rifle in the game that its garnered some infamy among CI players as a gun that turns the game into a Bullet Hole Arcade shooter more then a survival horror game but quite a few people find fun in that kind of style of play especially in VR. And its gotten that title because of its Holo sight that shows where its aiming if you look into it and its tied for the highest mag capacity in the game with 30 bullets per mag needless to say a must have gun.

Semi-Auto Shotgun

This gun has a very high damage but poor range but its a really good gun for both scavenge and is essentially the best gun for the final mission to “beat” the game more so if you pair it with special ammo types that the zombies or the supply crates can drop.


The flashlight does exist but if your planning on going into the bunker they recommend a light source cause its pitch black in there and that makes the NVGs a practical must have.

Laser Sight

Its usefulness really depends on your marksmanship but the laser sight telling you where the gun is aiming will greatly improve where your aiming your gun so your accuracy will be better by default. This especially makes Defense/Survival missions a joke since your shooting really far away or from a stationary position and it makes aiming your shots far easier. Its a bit pricey however I recommend the NVGs first and foremost since the Assault Rifle 5.56mm already has a Holo Sight you can look into to see where your aiming and any FPS shooter will tell you a shotgun is not a sniper.


Suppressor *Silencer if your a gun nut annoyance and has to cite its original patent despite the fact we know its effects irl…

In any case it reduces the damage by 2 points making it 8 instead of 10 like the 9mm but makes your guns are quieter. Which I assume makes the difficulty in scavenge and survival ramp up more slowly but that is only an assumption on what noise does no one really has a clear cut idea on what it does…

Suppressed Sniper Rifle

Good for the defense missions when your struggling to do them with a .40 Glock and do it without the copter or warehouse from taking damage. Just go in again and use this or the Assault Rifle 5.56mm to make that no damage run of the mission easier if you already did the pistol objective. Or you just like sniping enemies I won’t judge.


Yes the NVGs are better but there is select use cases where the Flashlight is a better choice like Factory scavenge for instance. Its not pitch black just darker but since your picking up crates the NVGs can make it hard to next to impossible to discern there color which can hurt your ability to prioritize which crates to grab if you cant get them all.

Special ammo types

In blue drops that zombies and wooden crates can drop. Get them if you see them as they make your weapons do extra damage Hollow Point does more damage to standard zombies and Armor piercing does more to special infected that includes armored, and crawlers. Also you have to equiped the ammo type in the customization menu and you can only have 1 ammo type active.

You can pick up the same special ammo type and what that does is improve the bonus the ammo type gives. But its optional because it can be done without them and I do not like saying you need this when its complete RNG if you get it or not so if you find them its a nice bonus. They can also very rarely drop a yellow drop and if you find it pick it up as that is possibly the Rare Katana side arm. It has a bigger sweet spot for melee hits then the Axe, Yha melee in this game may be a waggle fest and is quite Janky but a Katana is still a Katana.

Unlocking Utilities and Easy Objectives

Now lets get into the real meat and potatoes on why your here. To beat the game you have to do 8 objectives these 8 objectives can be any of the objectives from any of the mission all that counts is you get 8 done.

The missions I recommend you take for the easiest time. But you can choose any mission if you want to brake the repetition but I especially recommend them for challenge mode.

City (Scavenge)

If your still around reading this then you probably played it numerous times and as such its very easy doing those 2 objectives. Just remember when they mean supply crates they mean Money crates which are the Yellow crates. The Blue, and Red crates are useful if there is still equipment to unlock or health to increase but remember the health cap is 120 so once you get to that point blue crates are functionally useless and should be ignored for the other two.

City (Survival Day)

The easiest survival just make sure to remember to call for evac as survival only ends when you do call and when they arrive. Its easy so the 2 objectives are rather straight forward survive for 2 minutes and kill 100 infected they both do not have to be the same run. Call for evac if your concerned it will go south then start from the beginning to continue chipping away at the objectives.

Bridge (Defense)

With the .40 Glock and a laser pointer optionally you have to defend the copter for a period of time. You do not have to call for evac you just need to hold out till the evac timer runs out. If you cant do it without the copter taking damage with a .40 Glock then just work on beating it, then come back with the Assault Rifle 5.56mm or the Suppressed Sniper Rifle since you do not have to do all objectives in a single run.

Factory (Scavenge)

The one mission that can be problematic, the drop off point since its up the stairs of the main room acts as a very annoying choke point as more often then not a zombie is on there impeding your crate carrying progress. Keep your ears up also as there is now crawlers and they may be fast but there far from silent the game can be a jerk and spawn one at the start so be ready just in case. There not very durable though so a good sum of bullets from a good gun will easily down them. I recommend getting 2 yellow crates from the back early but later down going down there expect to do one at a time as the zombies will always coagulate the stairs making it next to impossible to carry two back without a coop partner without being literally walled off by zombies.

And if you managed to get Hollow point ammo and a possible clip extension i recommend equipping it because those 4 your mainly dealing with zombies especially factory where they can hold you up at the stairs making it easier to clear the stairs to carry crates up there. You can encounter mutants but 9 times out of 10 the good guns make good enough work of them and there not as common as the regular zombies.

And finally Bunker

The final mission of the game requires you to go down into as the name suggests a bunker. However its pitch black so get some NVGs, the Semi-Auto Shotgun And Armor piercing ammo if you have it. You’ll only encounter crawlers and armored zombies Armor piercing is a must have since they do extra damage to those. The layout of bunker is the same for every run and the goal is simple. Find a gas can, bring it back to the generator, click the button on the generator then go to the virus room to pick it up, and finally exit to the ladder you started at with the virus in hand. Do that and you beat the game good job, all objectives will be reset, and you get to choose from one of 2 utility items of the 4 to unlock.


Gives a Medkit that is on your vest, grab it with the grip button and click the trigger with it held to use it for a full heal. You can put it back from where you grabbed it if you accidentally grabbed it.

Lightweight Boots

Makes you move 25% faster which is a godscent for scavenge and bunker.

Gas Grenade

Grenade the permeates Gas that spreads to zombies and kills them, and can be spread by zombies who have the gas to other zombies.

Double Slo mo

Doubles the duration of the Slo mo Effect when it triggers.

You unlock 1 for every single time you beat the game but you can only equipped 1 utility at a time. I Personally recommend Lightweight Boots and Medkit moving faster or having a full heal is really useful in many missions.

Challenge Mode

Challenge mode is enabled in the settings menu upon activation all objectives are reset, Zombies do 25% more damage, move 20% faster, And if you die all objectives are reset forcing you to do them all over again. If you beat the game in this mode you unlock the side arm the Sawn off Shot Gun basically a mini hand held Shotty that replaces your melee weapon and In my opinion is the best side arm of the game hands down. And 1 of the Utilities if you didn’t unlock all of them by now

A few things to note about the best way to do challenge mode

  • I highly recommend the missions I told you to do there on the lower end of the difficulty and are easier to do because of it. And have objectives that can easily be chipped at or completed with a little effort
  • Scavenge City can have tank mutants as seen in survival bridge so try not to linger and just get the objectives done
  • For City Scavenge, City Survival Day, Bridge Defense, And Factory Scavenge do not try to do all the objectives in one go call for evac more often and chip away at it if your struggling. Sure it can take longer but since death has a far heavier price time and patience is key here.
  • For Bunker I recommend you beat the game at least twice so you have most if not all the upgrades by this point. And it will let you get very familiar with the enemies and where the gas cans are. since they spawn more then one for the sake of brevity and you want to find one of them and know where everything is, Every minute spent figuring things out, is another minute of dealing with crawlers, and armored zombies. So its best to do that in a non challenge mode setting.
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