Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – How to Unlock Second Starting Point (Beginners Tips)

Tips for Newbies

  • The game is not procedurally generated so every game in the story selection will be the same, the other scenarios are different.
  • That means the first time playing the story the game will have the same map layout, resources and events.
  • you should do 3 things: upgrading, have materials and have food/water.
  • Upgrading the sawhorse and main buildings are very important (too important in my opinion) so you have materials to setup the workshops and then the farm/rain collector and rat traps.
  • Super important: upgrade workshop so you can make shovels.
  • Don’t kill the animals, just pick up rotten food and make it animal fodder at the butcher shop + herbs as food.
  • The next things it the “right” path, you can chose other apths to see how it goes, it has some freedom but the easiest way is clear. from market to cheapside and then the crafts and finally the harbor. you get rena from the cheapside in an unmarked quest and another guy from a ship in the harbor.
  • At this point is all about the furnace and making iron bars for arrows/upgrades and taking care of food.
  • Also remember that you can reload the game in certain days, for example you made a lot of mistakes in day 6 but the game was perfect until day 4. you can reload day 4 back from the start.
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