Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – Useful Tips and Tricks

In this guide you can find some tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks

Starting conditions

There are starting differences depending on what choices you make in the intro narrative. Those red and green text parts are exactly saying about those changes, they are not very critical – but still happening.

How to open next area

Use shovels and torches to open up new areas.

Why it is necessary to burn corpses

You can actually ignore corpses and just move through them. It’s not impenetrable obstacle, but every time a character goes through it, there is a chance it’ll get sick. So burning is more a way to avoid the risk, rather than unlocking a path.

How to get a Tar pot for trebuchet

You need to take a pot with you during night scavenging and finf a tar in city.

About retrieve items dropped by the soldiers

You can retreive broken weapons or armours that you would be able to repair and send to Bastion.

Maximum of characters numbers

The max you can have – 4.

About limit of turns after which the game automatically ends

The game will come to the end at some point, either by Bastion being overrun by the enemy or by the relief forces freeing you from oppression. However, the exact time it takes to end depends on the selected scenario / new game plus initial settings.

Food and resources

Forge, Forge level 2 infact, you need iron bars and a lot of them, most of your core crafting stations require iron bars to upgrade to level 2, and upgraded stations take less resources to perform the same crafting functions that level 1 has available to them, the easiest way to stay ahead in this game is to get your core crafting facilities up to level 2 ASAP.

Anyway, Smoker is not a priority, and sometimes not even necessary at all.

Gardens use is pretty much determined by your animals, if you have no chickens then you need vegetables to replace eggs, otherwise you make herbs to use in rat traps, a single herb farm makes enough to support 3-4 rat traps being constantly baited.

And to make effective use of your food, delay moving down to the next stage until it gets smelly, once its smelly, if its vegetables or raw meat, you dry it to preserve it longer, and once those get smelly, you cook them into meals, once those meals start getting smelly send them to the bastion or eat them yourself, and if you dont need to do either of those, take them with you on your next scavenger run and sell them for useful resources.

How to get temple key

Its middle of the docks in a chest near a house.

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