Space Haven – Guide to Energy, Research, Food and Trading

This is ment as sugestion to a way of building and surviving in space.

Guide to Basics

All credit goes to azfalt!


Power generators are great in the first few days, but they consume a lot of materials, that might be difficult to get. So I alwas research batteries and solar pannels after i researched some food production improvements.

In several playthrughs i have found that using 24 solar pannels and 24-38 batteries, I can sustain a big ship of 2×2 ship size squares (borg ship or base structure).

More batteries results in a more stable output when producing high energy consuming materials. So aprox 5-6 solar pannels for each square you can build your ship within, and same number in batteries and then add a few more batteries for output stability. Also the batteries give a better survivalability in systems without propper light source.

In any case keep a high end power generator X3 as backup when more energy is needed (only need one).

Also power generators still use power rods or raw materials even thou your batteries are filled to max, so keep in mind to pause your powergenerators output if your batteries are full.

Thisa way you consume less power rods and raw materials, and still get plenty of enrgy for your ship.

How to Place Your Solar Pannels and Batteries

You can have your solar pannels wherever you want, but to get most from your batteries, place them nearby where most power is consumed.

I sugest you build a test setup where you setup a power line, where energy goes one way thrug, there youll see that energy get consumed at the source and wont reach the end of the line, even thou a few batteries are full in the start of the line, so place the batterise at a few strategicaly hot spots, where high energy yeld is needed. To get a better energy output.

When you have optimised your energy output, make sure its in a looped sircle, where the energy can run both ways.

Example could be to place a power generator nearby your engines, and solar pannels to each side of your ship, then place batteries in front end and center of your ship creation, engines need a short but high energy boost at startup before a jump, therefore a generator nerby to get that energy input right away might be a vice choise. Specially if you end up in a system without propper lighting for your solarpannels to work.

A few batteries inbetween solar pannels results in fast recharge of thoes, but also a slower energy consumption if needed. Therfore place batteries nearby facilities that consumes alot of energy when producing. So they dont run out of juice while producing. You might experience less failures this way aswell as reduction of fire outbursts from failed productions…. But that have to do with your personell aswell.


After my first test with this game, i found and used the following 10 research stages to be most productive for my playstyle.

Building more than one research console also reduce research time, if you have more than one person reasearching at any given time.

  1. Botany, to create food with the big Grow bed with lightsource.
  2. Advanced, to get the 10% reduction in research time used.
  3. Water Collector.
  4. Power Capasity Node (Battery).
  5. Solar Panel.
  6. Composter.
  7. Advanced nutrition (10% faster food production reached).
  8. Artificial meat.
  9. Optronic, another 10% reduction in research time used.
  10. Quantum the last 10% reduction in research time spend (30% time reduction for all research projects reached).

After these 10 research stages i go a bit random curently.

I think everything from this stage depends on the difficulty level of your game. If alot of hostels high difficulty. An idea could be to reseacrh shield console, shields and targeting jammer for the next 3 stages of your research line.

Power generator X1 -X2 -X3 could also be a way to go to get backup power from power rods that consumes less raw materials and give a higher yeld of energy output to be stored in your many batteries.

Food and Trading

Grow Bed with 5 compartments use less resources than its other counterparts.

I tend to use food products for trade, so i build 2 big grow beds for each 4 members of my crew.

Production from other grow beds is just bonus for trading raw materials.

Placing your Grow beds nerby the hull outer walls might result in overheating if to close by to a star, or frosting if to far from a star. So placing your Grow beds in or nerby the center of your ship, where your heat regulators work best, give the best result of food production.

Water, ice and fertilizer are most likely the raw materials you will trade to get most of the time.

Later on in the game when you can produce chemicals and first aid kits, thoes go for high trade prize aswell as finished meal packages.

Using weapons for trading is something i wont sugest, you might end up in the wrong end of a missile or gunbarrel you crafted at some point. But its tempting non the less, since they go for a good prize most of the time.

Also try to trade in sutch a way that you get a few coins every time, so you dont spend coins unless absolutly nessesary. You can only end up having to few coins.

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