The Universim – Space Boxes Guide

Deciphering the Space Boxes and hopefully finding out what awaits for you inside before you open it.

Guide to Space Boxes

All credit goes to Kiananah!

Where to Find

The boxes are not immediately obvious at first glance, you gotta look around a bit. But what you are looking for are not actually boxes, but meteorites! They are grey and embedded in the earth.

Untouched Meteor

Meteor cracking open

When you find one, click on it a few times to crack it open, then use the telekinesis power to bring it over to your civilization. There’s a handy feature where you press “F” while holding it and it will bring you right to the center!

When I started up one game, I found 3 already spawned in around the world; in another game, 5. Seems randomization plays a role here. You will find more as the game continues via UFOs and Meteorites (Disaster).

Learning About Boxes

Looking at your new boxes, you’ll see three rows of question marks and the options to open or scrap them. While the boxes are sitting in the center of your civilization, your nuggets will research them in their free time. This will slowly turn those question marks into letters and give you one clue about the box, until all three are deciphered. Then it is up to you to open the box or not.

I don’t recommend opening them before this, as you would be taking a gamble. These boxes can contain goodies but also harmful effects. Off the top of my head I have obtained a nugget with exotic pink skin (that was inheritable by their descendants!) and also a straight up explosion. Open at your own risk.

The Clues

I’d like to start a list of all possible descriptions that can show up on the boxes.

Green Clue – Possible Meaning

  • The surface of the box is inscribed with mysterious markings – Blueprint
  • The box is warm to your nugget’s touch – Explosion
  • Your nuggets hear a desperate banging inside… – Nugget
  • A skunky smell wafts from the box – 50 Herbs
  • Your nugget’s mouth waters as they approach – 50 Food
  • The box’s surface shimmers with an energy – 200 Creator Points
  • The box weighs a ton and is tightly packed – 30 Bricks
  • A few gears can be heard turning with intent – All Buildings Repaired 25%
  • The box is heavy and smells of sawdust – 30 Planks
  • Your nugget’s energy drains as they approach the box – Lose 200 Creator Points
  • A sickly sweet smell hits your nuggets as they near – Plague
  • Your nuggets hear a clatter as something shifts inside the box – 100 Wood
  • A clanging echos out as something shifts in the box – 30 Iron

Blue Clue – Possible Meaning

  • A desperate banging and shouting can be heard from inside the box – Nuggets (3)
  • A skunky smell wafts from the box – 75 Herbs
  • Industrious machines clang and whir inside the box – All Buildings Repaired 50%
  • Your nuggets hear a steady beeping. It quickens as they draw near… – Meteor Strike
  • A metallic sound is coming out of the box – 30 Steel Beams
  • The box is labeled FRA-GI-LE. Must be Italian. – 30 Glass
  • Your nuggets hear a clatter as something shifts inside the box – 100 Wood
  • The smell of fumes wafts from the box – 50 Oil

Red Clue – Possible Meaning

  • An acrid fume fills the air around you – 100 Gas
  • Fumes that smell like stars drift out of the box – 50 Fuel
  • The chattering of a terrified conversation leaks out of the box – Nuggets (5)

Unknown Clue Color – Courtesy of Rudolph

  • There is a whistling coming from inside the box… – Tornado
  • Something rattles and buffets inside the box, trying to get out… – Windstorm
  • A low moaning and wheezing comes from inside the box – Zombies
  • Your nuggets feel extremely exhausted due to energy drains as they approach the box – Lose 1000 Creator Points
  • Your nuggets energy drains fast as they approach the box – Lose 500 Creator Points
  • The box’s surface shimmers with an extreme energy” – Gain 1000 Creator Points
  • The box’s surface shimmers with a great energy – Gain 500 Creator Points
  • The box glows with a green aura of vitality – Unknown amount of Chemicals
  • A tinkling, like solid rain falling down a tube – Unknown amount of Plastic
  • The weight of liquid rock sloshes around inside – Unknown amount of Cement
  • Your nuggets hear the sound of many feet walking around inside the box – 10 Nuggets
  • Your nuggets smell an odd odor coming from the box – 3 Nuggets (Blue)


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