The Universim – 100% Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

All credit goes to Cynic[KEL]!


Most of the achievements require you to simply play the game. At some points, you will get ‘Quests’ which are simply requests from your subjects. I will collect these under a single section: Quests.

Again, some achievements require even more playing, such as collect x food, survive for x years, have x population etc. Also, there are general achievements that will unlock as you progress. These will have their own section: Milestones & Accumulation

Finally, there are 3 5 choice achievements. I don’t consider this a spoiler but read the following statement at your own discretion: 3 are about the type of energy you choose once you progress enough with the tech tree. 2 are about the type of law enforcement you choose to use. I suggest reading the Choice section before progressing through the game if you are hunting for achievements.


Great Poet

When your first 2 Nuggets mate & give birth to 2 babies, click on each baby and change their names.


Make 2 nuggets fall in love using your power.


When one of your nuggets gets poisoned (because of drinking unfiltered lake water) just cure them with your power.

Divine Architect

When they ask for your help, use your power to move stones & wood to the hut construction (Tip: You can pick up a whole tree and its worth of wood will be added to the lot.).

Stain Remover

After a nugget dies, they leave a black stain in addition to the body. Use Rejuvenate to remove it once a nugget prays you to.

Last Rites

First, build a cemetery. When a nugget dies, you will receive a prayer to move the body to the cemetery for burial.

Lost and Found

A nugget will lose their off-spring and you will get a prayer. They ask you to locate him/her and bring it back before wild animals eat them. Once you accept, pause the game because this one has a timer. Look around, find the kid, unpause, use telekinesis to pick it up and bring it back to town. Do not drop the child from too high.


You will be asked by one of the farmers to bring a different crop. If I remember correctly, also has a timer so again, stop time while you look. If you are having trouble finding fruit; unpause, make it rain, pause after 10 seconds. This will make trees and bushes bear fruit. Once you find it all you need to do is pick it up with Telekinesis and drop it on the farm. Again, don’t drop it from too high or it will miss and food will be wasted; therefore you might need to find another fruit.


  • “Help Nuggola Tesla discover Electricity”

You will get a quest from Nuggola Tesla once you progressed enough in the tech tree. The problem is, if you fail this quest, you will progress and miss this achievement. So I advice caution as I missed this one on my first universe. Here is a video from an older version, but the quest is basically still the same (the quest begins at minute 4):

Become Vengeance

  • A jealous nugget will ask you to exact revenge on someone for stealing their beloved. Dropping them from a killing high will do the deed.

I accidentally triggered this quest by using ‘Le Cupidon’ power on a married nugget with someone other than their spouse.

Milestones & Accumulation


  • Start your first civilization.


  • 150 population.

Not So Dark Age

  • Reach Medieval Age.

Helping Hand

  • Heal 20 nuggets total (Healing healthy ones do not count.).

Like Rabbits

  • 250 population.

Relentless Hunter

  • You are looking for actual eggs.

You click on them a few times and some tentacles come out of them.

Stubborn Society

  • ‘Survive’ 250 years.

And by ‘survive’ it means don’t drop to 0 believers because that’s how you ‘die’…

Aye, Guvnor!

  • Build a Town Hall, assign a minister to every position.


  • Discover every type of crop; you don’t need to plant ones you discovered.
  • You can use this guide to find which ones you are missing, and where to look for those.


  • Collect 500 food.

Not sure if at once or over time, will be updated. This is not over time, it requires you to have 500 food collected at once, but it counts processed food as well. So 470 raw food + 30 processed will pop this cheevo. Just make sure you have couple of farms and a fishery, this popped for me in medieval era.

Hand of Justice

  • Arrest 10 guilty criminals.

The achievement seems to be working again. Being investigated, will be updated soon.

1000th Customer

  • Produce more than a 1000 cooked meals through Eateries.

Apparently this used to be cumulative but no more. You need to have more than 1000 cooked meals readily available for the achievement. Modern eateries have a maximum capacity of 35 cooked meals so that is 29 eateries apart from the ones feeding your nuggets… Yeah good luck. Also, thanks Blet for the tip.


  • Stop the fire 20 times.

This one gets it’s own section because I have an easy way to get it. It seems this feature is back, but I will still keep this as a seperate section.

Using trinkle power to help nuggets put out the fires, so it is very likely that you will get this achievement naturally, but if you wanna rush it my method is below.

I have done this without using rain power as I believe it wouldn’t count. If anyone can prove me wrong, please let me know so I can add it here to give people an easier way.

So here is how I did it:

Before everything else, save your game. Once you get this achievement it’s better to go back just in case. If you dont have maximum CPs, sacrifice some nuggets until you do. Place 6 firefighter buildings as seen on the image (the one on the right should’ve been the sixth, for some reasons my nuggets abandoned it). You can probably do it with 4 buildings as well, but I just wanted to be safe. I recommend demolishing your factories to create more laborers that can build/work these buildings. On the corners, place wells since firefighters, for some reason, use wells to put out fires. You probably dont even need the trees but I wanted to give fire something to burn through. Also make sure your FF buildings are full & most of your workers are on the job.

Rest is easy: use your fire power in the middle, wait for sirens to go off before starting the next fire, repeat. Fire requires 40 CP x 20 hence the reason you need maximum CP available. I had fire on my FF buildings 3-5 times, it is okay, no need to panic just let them do their job.


So, once you are done with the invention of electricity, since you can’t keep raining lightning on batteries, you need a way to produce energy. The game offers you 3 choices, you have to choose one of them, the other 2 will be locked for that universe so I suggest saving-reloading your game and choosing each one for achievements. Normally I would choose each of them on different universes and suggest doing so, but I don’t think wind power is viable enough and combustion is just too polluting. So, at least for the time being, I suggest cheating your way through these achievements if you are a hunter.

Winds of Exchange

  • Obviously, you get this when you choose Wind energy.

Leg Day

  • Achievement reward for choosing Kinetic energy.

Caution: Flammable

  • Finally, your prize for ♥ up every single planet you go!

P.S. I’m not even an environmentalist irl, but come on, you are a god here, if you treat your planets like ♥, what do you think your nuggets will do?

Again, you progress through your tech tree and as time goes by even if you have minimum criminal activity (which is ‘very low’) there will be some petty criminals popping up. I mean, in a civilization of 200, very low can not mean zero. At a later point in the tech tree before the industrialization, you can either go with a peaceful or more autocratic regime (not sure if I used this right lol) and each one unlocks a different building. Again, you can choose different paths on different universes to see each one’s individual effect, or you can save your game, choose the path you dont want, get the achievement and go back to….. you know where this is going.

Lock & Key

  • Unlock the building Prison.


  • Unlock the building Rehabilitation Center.

I went with the prison, but as far as I know, neither building is required for ‘Hand of Justice’ as it only requires arresting, which is done by the police station.

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