Crypt of the Necrodancer – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Crypt of the Necrodancer game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • You can bomb altars for items.
  • You can break barrels and containers by pushing them on the blade traps on the floor, it also disables the traps themselves.
  • Otherwise you can break containers with basic attacks if you deal 3 damage or more per hit, most commonly from obsidian or glass weapons. Bombs will obviously do the job, and the Fireball spell works as well.
  • Walls marked with X have a special room under them and walls with a blue glint have diamonds or gold.
  • The basic drum is a big gamechanger since it gives you a method to stand still instead of forcing you to move on every turn, it’s extremely useful with a little practice.
  • The deeper you go, the easier All Zones becomes compared to doing single zones because having strong items is practically always better than having more health. Of course seeing the storyline also requires playing All Zones with specific characters.

In All Zones mode always keep one bomb (or some other way to get through walls) with you if possible, you will occasionally encounter a small square room completely surrounded by walls and inside that room will always be a Potion. Picking it up will grant you an extra life, immediately reviving you at full health should you die.

Another way to get a Potion is using a Scroll of Need while you have exactly 0.5 health remaining and don’t have one already. Note that if you lack a weapon or a shovel or have 2 +  enemies next to you, it’ll prioritize doing something about those instead.

There’s a special ring called the Ring of Becoming (looks like a ring with a small skeleton on it) that upon being picked up will cause you to die in one hit; However if you have a source of transmutation available, it can be transmuted into the most powerful item in the game. As long as it’s still on the ground, the Transmutation spell will do the job, otherwise you’ll need to find a Transmutation scroll or a Transmogrifier shop. If you have none of those available, make sure to avoid picking up the ring unless you’re supremely confident in your skills.

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