Gas Station Simulator – How to Obtain Secret Achievements (Prologue – Early Days)

This guide lists all of the secret achievements in Gas Station Simulator Early Days and shows you how to unlock them!

Secret Achievements Guide

Just a Few Important Things

Most of you that are clicking on this guide are achievement completionists like myself. At this moment of writing this guide, Gas Station Simulator: Early Days will not count towards your Perfect Games or total amount of achievements on Steam. I learnt of this feature the hard way. I thought all demos that had achievements associated with them just acted like any other game. I was wrong.


  • You were visited

This took me awhile to figure out believe it or not. The sign that opens/closes your gas station has a little red button on it. Clicking this will cause a UFO to appear and reset all npcs and vehicles. It will also grant you the achievement!


  • You found “Rudy”

When you first spawn in your bed, if you walk down the stairs and look to the right, you will see a mini excavator. Her name is Rudy. Press F on Rudy and you’ll get the achievement! Also, you’ll get this achievement regardless if you do all of the tutorial missions.

It’s a Kind of Magic

  • You let it run away from you didn’t you?

You may have noticed a big ol’ button next to Rudy before you hopped in. If not, go back to where Rudy was initially (just down the stairs from your spawn). Hitting this button will reset Rudy to her original spot and give you the achievement!

Fly Like an Eagle

  • Managed to get really high into the air

This one I had a hard time figuring out. Some of you may be familiar with “prop surfing”. This is when you grab an item from the environment, drag it underneath yourself and while holding this item, you repeatedly jump until you’re literally flying through the air. What I used was a plank that was boarding up the gas station. You may have to start a new game? I couldn’t seem to prop surf when I was at the end of the tutorial. You may also get this achievement while going after “It’s Raining Cars” achievement.

It’s Raining Cars

  • A flying car. Who would have thought? Not us.

Again, this was a hard achievement to pull off. This took multiple tries and patience! You need to launch a car into the air. The only way to do this is to stop a car on the highway by walking out in front of it, jump onto its hood, jump once again while on the hood to cause the car to pick up speed. Then when the car is at maximum speed you’ll want to drop off in front of the car. This will launch the car into the air and sometimes yourself. I launched about 4 or 5 cars before getting the achievement. I finally had the police car prompt the achievement for me.

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  1. “it’s raining cars” can easily be achieved with the broom.
    just equip it and smash a car with it into the air

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