Gas Station Simulator – How to Obtain Fly Like an Eagle Achievement

How to easily get the achievement without sweeping cars or owning “Party Time” DLC.

Fly Like an Eagle Achievement Guide

All credit goes to Ostravska Kolbasa!


There are several legit ways to get “Fly Like an Eagle” achievement. The easiest method is to build a Ferris wheel and ride it (as a downside – you need to have the Party Time DLC). Alternatively, you can take off with the car by trying to sweep it, but it does require a lot of time, effort and luck.

But one more way exists and you don’t need any special preparations… You can ride a UFO!


Before you ride a flying saucer, you need to find it, right?

It lays near the gas station in a small canyon. To get there, first exit through the main door and immediately turn right.

You need to get to the very corner of the workshop (from here you can already see some stones).

Walk towards these large orange/brown/red stones.

Pass into the crevice between the stones (aka so called canyon).

Move forward and you will see a flying saucer (as well as a card as a bonus for your efforts).

Now jump on the UFO and adjust yourself almost to the center.

Press left-click to pick the flying saucer up with you. Keep pressing till your screen starts turning red as if something bad is going to happen.

And voila! Achievement is yours!

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