Sludge Life – Everything but Tag Locations

This guide will show you where the 10 Warp stations, 4 upgrades, 7 apps, 3 zoom shrooms, CEO office, along with the 3 Endings, are located. Huge spoilers in this guide. The only thing i wont be showing you is where all the tag locations are. I think that’s the fun of the game is finding them all.

Guide to Everything but Tag Locations

All credit goes to Foozo!

Warp Stations

Off and On again

  • Reset every Warp station

There are 10 Warp stations around the map. I’ll be uploading a screen shot of the area for each station, although it may not look like it, the locations of each of the warp stations match the map, so its one big triangle you are playing in, if that helps.

Docks First one you will see.

Controller Past the first building in front of the docks.

Gen Pop

Stacker 01

Stacker 02

Chemico 01

Chemico 02


Hanger Inside the blue building, bottom floor

Glug Tower Bottom left to the front door of the tower

Item / Upgrades

Big Pockets

  • Get all items

Camera – Location docks, Its sitting on a box on the bridge.

Glider – Location Hanger, go up to the roof, and your upgrade is on a box.

Warper – Location Chemico 02, Go around the right side of the Chemico building and go through the vent system, the upgrade is waiting on the other side.

Vandal Eyes – Location Glug Tower, Turn around and jump down the hole to the shipping containers under neath, THere you will find a wise old blind man, Take his eyes (not literally you monster, take the botel on the right with his eyes in it).


Fill Up The Book

  • Install every app

On your computer you can unlock some new apps that will show up and be use able on the desktop. There are 7 in total, some you will unlock normally, others you may want to hunt down. all are needed if you want to 100% the game.

Ciggy – Smoke a cig

Lifeloop – Unlocked by dying once

Big Mud – Location Gen Pop, in the shipping containers on the left, the middle one on the 2nd floor blairing the sweet tunes, There is a CD in the planter at the back wall

Crypt Creeper – Location Gen Pop, Across from burger mon, are a set of apartments, head in there, 2nd floor, room 201, look on the table for the CD

* only game with a achievement to beat it (Kill the Boss of Crypt Creeper, i think hes on lvl 20)

Worm Machine – Location Chemico 01, go inside, take the ladder to the 2nd floor, There should be a CD on a desk in there.

Satview – Location Comm, is inside the building with the satellite. There is a hole in the roof, you can parkour how ever you want to get in there, i think the easiest way to get in, is to slide through the gap above the door. (no CD in the picture, accidentally picked it up)

To-do List – Location Glug tower, through the open bathroom window on the backside, Head up the stairs to the lobby, on the 2nd desk is your CD.

Zoom / Blue Mushroom Locations


  • Hit every Zoom location.

Location Gen pop, Apartments, 2nd floor, room 206, at the back of the wall theres a hidden room, in there is the shrooms.

Location Hangar, In the locker.

Location Comms, Growing on the side of the building.

Misc Achievements

Trash Play

Shoot a basketball into the trash can stand by the hoop for the ball to keep on re-spawning. You may need to look at the hoop as well for it to re-spawn.

Kiss My Eggs

  • Give ’em a smooch

Location Controller, go to the tallest building, on the roof there is some pigeon eggs, Turn on vegan mode to kiss them, or another nest is out side the chemico building. Be careful of the blue bird.

Tribute to Ciggy

  • Smoke 20 ciggys

Press C to smoke, theres more than 20 around the map so i wont be listing all the locations, you should be able to explore and find them.

CEO’s Office (not an achievement on its own, but 3 are located in there)

To get in the CEO room, use the Glug Tower warp point, and go around the left side of the building until your reach a open bathroom window, jump through and head all the way up the stairs in the next room. It should lead you to a lobby, take the elevator to the top office, then flip the switch under the desk, the book case should open and reveal another staircase leading to the CEO’s Office.


  • Steal the diamonds

On the desk in the CEO office

Piss From Above

  • Urinate from the top of glug tower

Go through the door on the left, past the table with the diamonds, and head up those stairs/ramps to the top floor room. Use your TP pack by the door and hit the switch and teleport. Climb the ladder to the roof and enjoy your piss, according to dog law, this building is now yours.



Location roof of glug tower (through CEO’s Office), pass where you take a piss, turn around and take the space ship thats waiting for you


Location Chemico 01, Go on the roof of the building behind you. go across the top until you can enter the tunnel system through a crack on the roof. Make your way down the broken elevator saftely, use any one of the items to block the bottom lazer, then crouch under neath the rest. Arm the Bomb and break the game! * Make sure to click “Yes” when it asks “Try to recover corrupted save?” or your save may really be deleted.


Bomb up every tag spot, Head back to the shipping container where the “Vandal Eyes” upgrade was (Glug Tower Warp point, turn around and below you), The old man is gone, go to where he was sitting and a cut scene should start playing.

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