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How do I open the doors?

You need to research the technology needed to let engineers open doors.

Do the snipers only target the big mutants?

Yes, that’s their job.

How many day can we survive?

  • Normal Difficulty – 28-30 days.
  • Seasoned and Nightmare Difficulty – 25 days.

Will there be an endless mode?

Not on release, but it’s not that easy to finish the game on nightmare mode.

How to unlock the Cement factory and the Ammo factory?

You have to unlock the cement factory and the ammo factory by surviving a number of days in normal mode, probably 18 for cement and 24 for ammo.

How are you supposed to defend walls?

You have to shoot the eggs ready to hatch for the night before they hatch. Best course of action is to shoot all eggs on right side since they won’t attack the right side without eggs. (Until Day 10)

Then you can proceed to protect the left side yourself, there is no way to tell your men to protect left side by themselves since it usually gets overrun without end game stalkers or snipers.

Note Day 5. An artillery mutant spawns and absolutely demolishes walls. clear the right side and quickly protect the left, go behind the artillery and take it out before it does massive damage.

How exactly does riot shields work?

You have lets say 10 shields, they AOE protect your guys but can only be used by engineers or workers(i didnt try with workers).

Each hit from jiggly puff will destroy a shield so you will have 9 shield left, if you discard it will be also used up. After a shield is destroyed you automaticaly pick up the next one.

Depends on how is playing the game, it’s super hardcore for casual streamers or gamers.

But for people who like the challenge it’s not so bad, the game will always surprise you like They are billions.

Seems he got attacked by the bomb guys, that’s his fault for overextending and not retreating, the shields have a speed debuff. He could have hidden in a room until the wave passed.

How does enemy spawning work?

Crawlers gets triggered/spawned if you are in the fog during night at any point(even if it’s 3 seconds left).

The game has randomised ambushes where the monsters jump down, i don’t see any reason or logic to them, i got one jump on day 2 and it was not fun:P like you described in example 1.

Yeah, you can skip a few eggs to see whats behind but that only increases the chances of a mutant drop.

Eggs are spawned randomly from what i can see, the ones you kill with a shot. The ones you destroy with diggers are also sometimes appear.

Remember that your main goal is to loot a lot in the first days. For example i go in smaller expeditions near my camp before day comes to farm the mushrooms and when day comes i can farm them again but i just expand and that auto-harvests them.

It’s also a nice system to punish greed during the night because it’s definetly worth it.

Your goal is to expand to the right until the broken railway but sometimes there are eggs there, sometimes not, sometimes a group drops down, sometimes not.

To the left you always have attacks but you have to chose the best direction to find research and when able to open the doors loot the right side.

You can technically scout during the day to kill the small eggs, you can do it alone.

I actually went to the end of the tunnel and there are a lot of bigger eggs, quite a walk too so that explains a few things.

The Stranger in the Hub: Does this NPC have a special purpose?

Going by what I learned, once you unlock him by going far enough days on the game, seems he is the first unlockable. He will help you to build an upgrade on the train by later during the days. If you have unlocked any rooms by surviving long enough and in higher difficulties you will be able to unlock upgrades that will show up on that same hub with the stranger. These will come in the form of some buildings you can use some engineers on to get some buffs, like when you research. The guy will be there and will ask for cogs too. If you give them the cogs he asks for, he will make that machine be able to hold 2 engineers, doubling and stacking the buffs.

I selected the fire barrel, however I don’t really see where I can build them.

Build 2 walls on the right or 3 walls on the left and a barrel will appear next to it

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