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FAQ for Operation Tango

Does Operation:Tango have local co-op?

Operation:Tango’s gameplay is based on the concept that players can’t see each other’s screens and must communicate verbally. So by design, no couch co-op or split-screen is available; since that would negate the fun of playing two totally separate roles.

Is there crossplay?

Yes! Operation:Tango is fully compatible with crossplay, including the Friend Pass feature, so you can play with your friends no matter what platform you have.

How do I get the Friend Pass?

Simply download for free the demo / trial version of Operation: Tango on Steam. You do of course need to have an account on Steam to download and play the game.

Are there Achievements/Trophies?

Yes! On Playstation there are 24 trophies, including a Platinum, for a total of 960 points and Steam has 24 achievements. We will have more information about Xbox achievements later and will update this post at that time.

How long is the game?

Operation:Tango has 2 different characters and play experiences. To play through with one character, we estimate a 5-hour completion time, depending on your puzzle-solving skills, and 8 hours to play through as both characters.

Are there more missions or DLC planned?

We would love to make more missions or DLC for Operation:Tango, this depends on the requests from the community to continue with the Operation:Tango story! Make sure to tweet us @CleverPlays on Twitter, or post in our Discord and Reddit communities if you finish the game!

Is one role better than the other?

They’re both extremely unique across all missions. We can’t recommend one role over the other, but we can say that players really enjoy switching it up to better understand all facets of all missions.

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