The Sand Man – Definitive Bonus Chapter Guide

This is a complete guide on completing the Bonus Level that is unlocked after beating The Sand Man.

Guide to Bonus Chapter

Making The Sleeping Sand

Read the Secret Memo. Your task is to find Ingredients to make sleeping sand for Sophie.

  • Go out and get Leaves from Unicorn’s Lake.
  • Go out and get Water from Nixie’s Swamp.
  • Go out and get Truants from the Forest.

Warp back to the Tea Room and go left past the Statue. Climb the Ladder and follow these steps:

  • Put the Slimy Swamp Water in the Pot.
  • Pick up the Leather Gloves and use them on the Candle to carry the Red Flame.
  • Grind the Peachy Tree Leaves with the Milling Machine.
  • Slice the Truants on the Cutting Board.
  • Put the Sliced Truants in the Pot.
  • When the Broth turns Green, Put in the Peachy Leaf Powder.
  • When the Broth turns Red, Grab the Bowl on the Left and use it to bring the Broth into the Funnel.
  • Push the Blue Button and collect the Sand.

Putting Sophie To Sleep

Read the Secret Memo. Warp to the Tea Room and wait for Lullaby.

  • Read the Secret Memo. Warp to the Entrance and make your way to the Kitchen.
  • Go to the Counter to Cook a Meal.
  • Warp to the Hallway outside of Sandman’s Room.
  • Go down to the Long Corridor and chase after her.

Read the Secret Memo. Go to the Sand-Making Room and claim the Sack of Sleeping Sand.

Enter the Sand-Storage Room

Read theSecret Memo. Warp to the Secret Room and claim the Pink Paints.

  • Warp to the Jewel Room and paint the Clear Jewel.
  • Read the Secret Memo. Warp to the Entrance.
  • Confront the Unicorn. Go Left.
  • Read the Secret Memo. Confront the Tooth Fairy for Money.
  • Warp to the Secret Room. Use the Bed to go to the Human World.
  • Check the Bottom-left Shelf for an English Book, Leave Coins by the Register, and return via Bed.


Read the Secret Memo. Warp to the Long Corridor and use the Key to open the Middle Door.

  • Defeat Sophie For Bad Ending.
  • Let Sophie Defeat You For Good Ending.
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