Sex with the Devil – 100% Achievement Guide

Please note: All credit goes to NutellaOrgies!

This is a guide to help get the full 100% achievements in Sex with the Devil.

How to Obtain All Achievements

How to Play

After you meet the devil, you will get thrown into a maze. In this maze you have to find a blue key. It will be floating on circular platform somewhere in the maze at a dead end. (you will see a blue aura)

As you go through the maze you can see doors to trigger sex scenes (these are really required to complete the maze)

Once you find the blue key, just bring it to the gate with the key symbol on it and complete the maze.

Do this a few times until the game is over.

Play the Game

Beginning Achievements

I saw the devil!

  • Open Prologue.

To unlock this achievement you just need to start the game, it will unlock with the first cutscene.

Ending Achievements

Apple of knowledge!

  • Open the appropriate ending.

This is the miss-able achievement. Basically after each maze, you talk with the devil. Instead of choosing to have sex with whatever demon is by his side (i know, it will be hard to decline that human centipede), you have to just ask questions. So keep asking questions until you get sent into the next maze. If you missed this achievement, you can just start from Chapter 3 when go to load the game.

Dead End!

  • Open the appropriate ending.

For this achievement, you have to have sex with all the demons next to the devil after each maze. Again, this is miss-able if you went for Apple of Knowledge first. So if you missed this, just go to Chapter 3 and do each maze over again while having sex with each demon during the question phases with the devil. Once you get to the end, instead of having sex with the Devil, choose to ask more questions.

Sharp blade!

  • Open the appropriate ending.

For this achievement, when you reach the end of the game, click the option “I want to be a woman, and then have sex with you”. After the sex scene, ask some questions until the final cutscene. You can get this option when going for either Apple of Knowledge or Dead End.

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  1. I wanted to inform you of the section for Act IV involving the Sacred Orb, you are not required to complete any of the other puzzles in the area. The Gold piece is sitting outside and inside are the matches to begin the process. The puzzle for the graveyard portion is necessary to complete the level, not collect the item. Otherwise, great guide! Appreciate the non spoilers.

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