Stick Fight: The Game – Guide to Combos, Reload and Secrets

After this guide you will know secrets, combos and reload

Combos, Reload and Secrets Overview


This is the easiest part. you just have to throw your weapon in the ground and pick it again.


Now is time to learn how to do combos.

Bicycle kick

You need to press WA or WD and hit in that diagonal, then press SD or SA and hit again in that diagonal direction (you will need to click perfect in order to work, try until you got it).

Earth smash

This is easier: it requires only to be above the enemy, press S and click down (deals increase damage).

Body slam

This work only if the enemy is above you. spam click in his direction, clicking as close of him you can. use keys in same direction (deal up to 50 dmg, high knockback (this is not my combo)).

Launch punch

Hold S and the opposite direction from the enemy, then release and press W and attack in enemy direction (press the key too ex if you first hold SD now you will press WA) it is almost the opposite of the bicicle kick, deals normal dmg, but high knockback, launching you as well)).


One of the hardest combos, asasination is instakill and cannot be blocked. you can do it only if 2 enemy fight one each other using fist. you will be the 3 stickman. you jump to hit the enemy, then, drow an X on him and click in the middle of the X (this means also click on him) if you manage to hit, kill the other enemy and you are good, if you miss you will be unable to attack or block for 1 second) i don’t know if it deals infinite damage or only 100, so it might not work when playing whit 200 hp or more)).

Bear slam

This is an high knickback combo, capable to throw your enemy through the ground. in order to do it you need to be above the enemy, then, while clicking, draw an ark starting in your back and ending on the enemy (it deals 45 dmg and throw the enemy underground, but you need to be very quick in order to do it).

Anime slash

This is my masterpiece. it is an upgraded body slam, but to do it doesn’t count where is the enemy. he will become the center and you will slash true him whitout a blue knife. in order to do it, you need to move permanently in the enemy direction while slashing with your mouse true him. click on the enemy if you can, because this will make the perfect anime slash, an anime slash that stop the target from attacking or blocking, or even paralise is a combo as long as you can keep it, deals 20 dmg per punch. don’t use it if the enemy si near the spikes because you will end impaling yourself. while using anime slash you can block. an battle when both stickmans use anime slash is an anime battle, but if the 3 join it will become pure chaos. right now there are only 2 peoples who can perform the perfect anime slash. me and 1 friend i trained (if someone know it and you don’t just run. is very hard to beat someone who use anime slash whit other combos).


I only mention it because i don’t know to use it, is a shield that block every direction, but works only 1 time. i think it is done by slashing yourself whit the mouse while holding shield but i am not shure about it (this is not my combo).

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