The Hidden Game Society – Walkthrough + Puzzle Solutions


All credit goes to navycommander!

You are invited to an interview for a secret game society – expect puzzles!

Tour the Room

Book clues: When the elevator opens, tour the room and find the five book clues.

  • Chess Openings
  • Kings Pawn Game
  • Art Hidden Meanings
  • Open Sicilian
  • Sicilian Defense

Art Works: Regard the three art works and notice there is a click when you view them.

  • Over fireplace – Chess Players, 1530
  • Left side of elevator when facing it – His Move, 1868
  • Right side of elevator when facing it – Egyptian Chess, 1865

Game Tables: look at each – chess set is missing a black pawn. Look in drawers in other game tables to see clues:

  • Once path is open around the world, you will find destination
  • Another battlefield, another war, Sicilian way – yet another chess reference

There is a small table with a locked box on it that contains chess pieces. OMG! – is THIS where the missing pawn might be???? *sarcasm intended*

Explore the desk

There is a globe – if you spin it, at this point it says nothing happens.

There is an Othello game on top with a black piece and a white piece in particular positions but not adjacent like a normal Othello game would be. Hmmm….

There are some books with colorful bookmarks that you can press in a certain order. If you look at the titles you can probably figure this puzzle out even without the clue provided in the desk.

Look at document on top – turn light on if wish but doesn’t seem to change the clue – there is a timeline printed 1:15–, 2:18–;3:18–

Where have you seen numbers like these?

  • Hint 1: remember your tour of the room?
  • Hint 2: look at the dates of the three paintings

What will you do with this information?

Press the paintings in sequence – honestly, I don’t know what this does

Open and look in the right hand top drawer – you see a cryptic figure with three grids and the following labels: ***5 ***0 ***8.

Again, where have you seen these numbers? The painting dates.

Why do you care? You will need this later to figure out how to unlock a safe.

Middle desk drawer is locked at this point.

Top left drawer has a clue which is a crossword puzzle with references to historical periods.

  • Hint 1: Use this to solve the book puzzle
  • Hint 2: Press the books in order to unlock the middle desk drawer

Other two left hand drawers contain nothing useful.

If you have solved the book puzzle, the middle desk drawer will unlock.

Inside is A set of cards with a set of four dice on distributed across four of the cards.

You really don’t know what to do now?

  • Hint 1: look at the value of the cards with a die on them and write down the resulting sequence of four numbers
  • Hint 2: 4 7 3 6

Where do I use this?

  • Hint 1: Where is there a keyboard you can enter numbers?
  • Hint 2: Enter the code in the keypad by the elevator – the numbers aren’t listed – 1 is upper right, 9 is lower right, you don’t have to worry about the green and red buttons

The Safe

You now have uncovered the safe! You have what you need to unlock it.

  • Hint 1: The timeline had numbers and that figure with the grid in the upper right drawer of the desk had some numbers – which numbers are still uncovered?
  • Hint 2: 1530: 15– and ***0 yields 3; 1865: 18– and ***5 yields 6; 1867: 18– and ***7 yields 6 and the combination should be 6 6 3 BUT….the safe opens if you set the dials to 6 6 1 so maybe there is some other way of interpreting the clues

So now you have a sheet with four seek and find puzzles partially completed and a clue that says there is a missing word and missing number. Not sure why the mention of missing words because only the numbers matter.

  • Puzzle 1: s i x
  • Puzzle 2: f o u r
  • Puzzle 3: o n e
  • Puzzle 4: n i n e

Ok, so I think you know what to do with the code…. enter it into the keypad

Voila – the locked chess pieces box is now unlocked. Retrieve the black pawn and place it on the chess board. Note the positions of the pawns. Hmmm… And OMG – a secret panel opens!

Secret Room

Examine all the items in the room but no hotspots. What now?

Think back on your clues…

  • Hint 1: One of the ones from the game tables
  • Hint 2: Once path is open, around the world you will find your destination
  • Hint 3: Spin the globe

A chess board appears! Strange – there are only two rows of pawns…

  • Hint 1: Google Kings Pawn game and see where the white pawn should go
  • Hint 2: Google Sicilian Defense and see where the black pawn should go
  • Hint 3: Look at the Othello board or the Chess board and move the pawns to the right locations

Elevator opens – you enter and that’s it. Nothing more. Agree now that this should have been a free demo intro to a much larger game?

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