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» » Factorio - How to Get Real God Mode (Cheat Code)

Factorio - How to Get Real God Mode (Cheat Code)

May 17, 2016     Guides
This is a complicated command that when executed in the chat, it will infinitely supply you with whatever you were requested in your logistic requester slots.

Factorio - How to Get Real God Mode (Cheat Code)

You may want to mess arround with certain game elements or mods withouth having to worry about producing the resources. Enter the following command in the chat:

/c check_upgrade = function(tech) local mx = #tech.effects local retr = mx > 0 local count = 0 while count <= mx do if retr then if tech.effects[count] ~= nil then retr = tech.effects[count].type ~= "unlock-recipe" end end count = count+1 end return retr == false end local player = game.local_player for name,technology in pairs(player.force.technologies) do if check_upgrade(technology) then technology.researched=technology.enabled end end player.character.destructible = false player.force.technologies["character-logistic-trash-slots-2"].researched=true player.force.technologies["character-logistic-slots-5"].researched=true player.force.manual_mining_speed_modifier=1000 player.force.manual_crafting_speed_modifier=1000 script.on_event(defines.events.on_tick, function(event) if game.players ~= nil then local vr = 0 local pnum = #game.players local value = 0 local player = game.players[0] local req = 0 while vr <= pnum do player = game.players[vr] vr = vr+1 if player ~= nil then player.force.chart_all() if player.get_inventory(8) ~= nil then player.get_inventory(8).clear() end value = 0 while value < player.force.character_logistic_slot_count do value = value+1 req = player.character.get_request_slot(value) if req ~= nil then if player.get_item_count(req.name) < req.count then player.insert{name=req.name, count=req.count-player.get_item_count(req.name)} end end end end end end end)

It researches every "non upgrade" technology exclouding character logistic slots five and character logistic trash slots two. After that, all your logistic requests will be completed immediately. It also comes with a few other bonuses like instant crafting and instant mining!
Game:   Factorio