Lawless Lands – Official Guide to Aspects (Attributes)

Definitive Aspects Guide

All credit goes to Corrosion!


This is the official guide for detailing all the information about the four core aspects found in the game.

  • Power: Damage, Inventory Capacity, Intimidation.
  • Physique: Protection, Damage Reduction, Fortitude.
  • Prowess: Reflex, Cunning, Persuasion.
  • Posture: Resistance, Infliction, Will.

The basic idea of each should be fairly common sense and straight forward, but this guide will give you an in-depth analysis of what each aspect actually covers.


Power is how powerful your character is. This is a combination of actual physical strength and the fight that they have inside them with the power they possess. The intimidation bonus is important because it can often help you avoid combat altogether!

What it does:

  • Boosts nearly all damage output.
  • Boosts spell damage power (and in some cases their effects/benefits like the siphon spell).
  • Increases carrying capacity ((power * 3) + 20).
  • Added as a bonus to Intimidation checks.
  • Used in special (non-weapon-based) attacks (examples: kick, punch, dirty trick).


Physique is how physically fit and tough your character is. How much pain they’re able to tolerate and their defensive capabilities. It may not seem important if you have armor, but this greatly helps in keeping your character alive. Especially when enemies are bypassing your armor bonus with their weapon damage!

What it does:

  • Lowers all physical damage taken.
  • Added as a defensive bonus in combat.
  • Sole defense against special (non-weapon-based) attacks (examples: kick, punch, dirty trick).
  • Primary defense against weapon-based attacks.


Prowess is how cunning and agile your character is. It is their ability to be quick when it’s needed and how they’re able to deal with delicate interpersonal situations through manipulation.

What it does:

  • Added as a bonus to initiative.
  • Added as a bonus to escape chance.
  • Added as a percentage during haggling (discounted price on equipment).
  • Increases total stamina.
  • Added as a bonus to persuasion checks.


Posture is a measure of your character’s resistances, healthiness, and willpower. It also covers their understanding of health so they can be more effective when dealing with status effects.

What it does:

  • Added as a bonus to provision maximum.
  • Protection against traps.
  • Added as a percent to avoid any and all negative status effects.
  • Added as a percent to cause any and all negative status effects (anything above 0%).
  • Boosts healing spell effectiveness.
  • Increases ability point maximum ((15 + posture + (current vigor * 0.50)).
  • Provides protection against magical attacks (such as spells).
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