Enter the Gungeon – A Comprehensive Guide to Curse

Have you ever seen a funky purple smoking looking item, proceeded to pick it up, only to seconds later die from immediate death syndrome? Did you wonder what happened? If so, this guide is for you. I’m going to go over the basics of how curse works in this death simulator.

Ultimate Curse Guide

All credit goes to Erkijokko!

Curse – A Brief Summary

Curse is a hidden stat in enter the gungeon that is capable of affecting various gameplay elements. Cursed items have a purple/black smoke particle effect. There are set weapons and items that contain curse, these are always the same items. Curse increases in increments of 1 but some items can contain more than 1.

Effects of Curse

The primary purpose of curse is to buff enemies. Enemies affected by your curse will appear as jammed. They shift in a red and black hue and will deal a full heart container of damage. They have 3x thier normal health and both move and shoot 50% faster. At 1 curse there is a 1% chance that a random enemy per room will be jammed. As a side note, jammed enemies will deal contact damage, even if thier normal version didn’t do so.

Jammed enemies drop significantly more shells, so consider the risk/reward when picking up a cursed item.

If a Keybullet kin or Chance kin is jammed they will drop twice thier normal reward on death.

Jammed bosses do appear. Although thier attack patterns stay the same, thier attacks deal twice the damage. Furthermore thier total health is multiplied by a factor of 1.2. For example 1.2 x 100 = 120.

Here is a table of spawn rates of jammed enemies corresponding to curse.

Curse / Spawn Chance

  1. 1%
  2. 1%
  3. 2%
  4. 2%
  5. 5%
  6. 5%
  7. 10%
  8. 10%
  9. 25%
  10. 50%

Drop rates of ammo upon a room clear is increased by 1,05% with each point of curse.

The chance of a chest spawning as a mimic increases by 2.1% for each point of curse. This procentage becomes 100% when you aquire 47 curse. This is incredibly difficult if not impossible to do in one run, but still worth keeping in mind.

The chance of a chest having a fuse is increased by 5% for each point of curse.

The player can enter the black market without the need to carry 100 shells, when having at least 1 point of curse.

If the player aquires 10 points of curse in a single run, the lord of the jammed spawns. It is impervious to all forms of damage and continues to chase after the player until death.

Gaining Curse

You can gain curse by picking up and carrying the following weapons:

  • Boxing glove (1)
  • Casey (2)
  • Excaliber (2.5)
  • Fightsabre (2)
  • Huntsman (1)
  • Shellegun (1)
  • Stone Dome (1)
  • Unicorn Horn (1)
  • Wood Beam (1)
  • Finished Gun (5)

You can gain curse by picking up and carrying the following items:

  • Big Boy (1)
  • Blank Bullets (1.5)
  • Blood Brooch (1)
  • Bracket Key (1)
  • Cursed Bullets (1)
  • Elder Blank (2)
  • Holey Grail (1)
  • Katana Bullets (1)
  • Knife Shield (1)
  • Lament Configurum (1)
  • Scouter (1)
  • Sixth Chamber (2)
  • Yellow Chamber (2)

You can gain curse by praying at the following shrines:

  • Ammo Shrine (3.5)
  • Angle Shrine (1.5)
  • Dice Shrine granting Cursed
  • Hero Shrine (9 regardless of any previous curse)
  • You can gain curse by doing the following:
  • Purchasing anything from cursula (2.5 + any curse the purchased item has)
  • Giving a gun to the witches (2)
  • Smashing a mirror or opening the chest inside it (3.5)
  • Stealing from a shop (1 + any curse the purchased item has)
  • Getting badge, then talking to the police officer when he dies (2)
  • Using spice (0,5 first time, +1 for each subsequent use.)
  • Transforming into Cormorant (3)
  • Picking up any item/gun produced by the Lament Configurum (1)
  • Standing near a cursed pot for too long (1 for every cycle)

Removing Curse

You can remove curse by doing the following:

  • Dropping any cursed item/gun.

You can remove curse by praying at the following shrines:

  • Cleanse shrine (sets curse to 0 if curse is lesser than 10).
  • Dice shrine granting Cleansed (removes up to 10 curse).


Random stuff I couldn’t fit anywhere else:

  • Stealing from Cursula will only increase curse by 1.
  • Curse carries over to the past (sucks to suck if you get a jammed boss there).
  • There are a few rooms where jammed enemies can spawn naturally. The floors where this can happen are: Abbey of the true gun, Resourceful Rat’s lair, Forge, Bullet Hell.
  • Jammomancers and Jamerlengo are capable of jamming one enemy or the entire room respectively.
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