Batman: Arkham City – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Batman: Arkham City game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • You can’t get every Riddler trophy you come across right away, you might have to come back with a new gadget. The pink ones are only for Catwoman.
  • Riddler’s hidden question marks are back. If you see one, find some place to see the whole thing and tap the Detective Mode button.
  • When the game is over, you’ll get to go back and get anything you missed.
  • There are easter eggs everywhere and some of them have achievements for finding them.
  • The only immediately useful upgrade you can get is the one that slightly slows time when your freeflow combo hits x12, everything else you can get when you feel it’s necessary.
  • When your first set of Augmented Reality glide challenges becomes available, do them for a very useful grappling hook upgrade.
  • The “Catch” achievement involves a character who you can find on top of the ferris wheel by the steel mill after a certain point in the game. Throw a remote batarang at him. This is also the start of a side-mission.
  • There’s no time limit on finding new leads for side-missions.
  • There is no achievement/trophy for completing the game on the hardest mode this time around.

  • Just like in Asylum you’ll need to revisit portions of the game for Riddler Trophies as you’ll have to unlock gadgets in order to get them. This includes trophies frozen in ice.
  • You wont be able to solve the question mark alignment riddles until you progress a little into the game.
  • Your explosive foam can be used on the question marks switches and you can trigger them manually in first person view.
  • If a Batarang isn’t working on a switch this means you’ll need to run a current through it by remotely running it into some electricity – fly your Batarang into a conduit and then run it into the switch. A good example of this is a switch next to Calendar Man’s cell.
  • There’s a few pressure plate Riddler wall switches that require you to glide into them. Many of these will have you kick off the wall to glide to another switch without touching the ground. If you’re having trouble you can Bat Spring yourself up a building and then adjust yourself without having to do a kick off (the controls for it can be unresponsive at times).
  • Complete the first set of flying challenges for a gadget. The second set is a royal bitch that requires pixel perfect gliding. Only bother if you want the achievement/trophy.
  • Level up your combat abilities first as this will give you access to easier x5 finishers opposed to x8, timed combos so you can have a higher multiplier, and the x15 combat flow ability.

  • Catwoman’s chapters are mostly towards the end of the game opposed to being scattered throughout. It’s not urgent to level her.
  • If you’re having trouble with The Stranger side mission you will be able to see the masked man after completing various plot points. Make it habit to turn on detective mode the moment you’re outside after a cutscene and scan the top of buildings.
  • Riddler will eventually send out green goons mixed into gang groups throughout the game. An easy way to deal with them is by a triple stun or with the late game freeze weapons. By the end of the game if you managed to take them out properly they will reveal all of Riddler’s Challenge locations on the map. Not bad if you don’t want to bother with a guide!
  • The 50 combo and 5 gadget achievement can be easily done in the challenge modes.
  • There’s an annoying Riddle in Joker’s Steel Mill (the Assembly Line room). The solution to will not appear until the final act of the game even if you managed to beat its location out of someone. If you’re curious, the Riddle is “Once assembled, do these two become one again?”
  • The last two upgrades that get you Riddler trophies are an item that can make platforms in water and the master encryption key for your hacking tool. After that, you shouldn’t need any more items to pick up trophies. Use some creative thinking!

  • When you get the item that can make platforms, spend a while exploring and getting as many trophies as you can. Some Catwoman trophies require you to have opened areas as Batman.
  • You can break flimsy walls by gliding into them; you don’t need any specific items to do that.
  • You can zoom in to selectively detonate explosive gel; don’t be like me and assume selective detonations come later.
  • You can’t put gel on overhead walls; it’s either something you’ll come to later from the other side or there’s a path around it.
  • If you can’t find a riddle marked on your map no matter what you do, it’s probably a place to view a question mark.
  • If you can’t find electricity to fly a remote batarang through to hit a fusebox, you might need to wait until you get an item that can shoot electricity directly at it.
  • The quick-fire grapple -> punch followup is very useful and abusable – it’s easily interruptable to counter and can shoot you across rooms. Without the followup it puts the mook into a pretty long stumble animation, too. And it can disarm!
  • The triple cloak stun is the easiest way to get riddler mooks out of the way while you defeat the rest of the crowd. Be careful, though – it sucks to accidentally take them down when there are only two enemies left.
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