Ender Lilies – How to Defeat Julius

If your first thought had been “What? He takes no damage!”, or “What? He regains his defence immediately”, or “He cannot have so much life, come on!”, well, this is the guide to solve your problems.

Guide to Beat Julius

First Phase

  1. I suggest to equip the trinkets to increase your grounded damage, as well those who give you extra prayers. As main weapons we’ll use the claws + the Crow as support.
  2. The boss fight is really easy, you just need quick reflexes and time.. Basically you have to slide behind your enemy and start attacking a couple of times with your claws, then slide again since he will turn, and keep going on like this. Do not use the crow in this phase.
  3. Mantain an aggressive playstyle, he will chase you or bullrush you, and his attacks when he is afar are more dangerous.

Second Phase

  1. In this phase he will gain a charge attack. You can avoid it by sliding if you are afar, or by going at his shoulders if you are near him.
  2. Use the crow from now on, and keep attacking exactly as in the first phase.

Third Phase

  1. In this phase he will litterally become Goku and shot a Kamehameha at you. As always, we’ll just slide at his back (but not sticking to him) and keep attacking him with our claws and our crow.
  2. Just keep going like this untill he dies. His strength are only the speed, the huge ammount of life , the semi-invulnerability and the devastating blows with who he can oneshot or twoshot you. But other than that, he is easy, just take really long to beat and you have to repeat the same patterns again and again, which can be tiring.
Written by ExAltair

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