Ender Lilies – How to Defeat Miriel

This boss is not to much complex, but his last phase is a real pain to deal with. Let see how to beat her.

Guide to Beat Miriel

All credit goes to ExAltair!

First Phase

  1. We’ll use trinkets to reduce damages, to increase our prayers, to increase our damages, and to double our special skills.
  2. As main attack skill I suggest any skill who can hit from a certain distance. I used the usual heavy hitter, but others are ok too (the claws are not ok since they rely on short range).
  3. The other spells will be the Spore-guy, Irene and the Crow
  4. This phase is the easiest ever, just stick in the corner of the room and use Irene. The Boss cannot hit you, except with the rolling bomb. When she uses it, dash to her and use your special attacks if your bars are full, then go back in the corner.

Second Phase

  1. In this phase she will get a ranged attack from underground. Just jump and dodge it when happens. Shooting with Irene keeps you mid-air, outside the reach of that attack.
  2. Keep using the same strategy as before, and if you break her guard, hit her physically.
  3. You could decide to switch from using Irene to the crow. Is fine, but while standing on the corner of the room, remember to turn your back to the boss, otherwise the crow will be outside the arena and will not hit her.

Third Phase

  1. This is where the problems start. Her underground attack will multiply x4, in sequence, which makes difficult to dodge it. Using Irene to remain mid-air becomes useless, so is better to just jump and dodge between them.
  2. Use the crow to make damages while you keep moving and dodging, when you can, use the poisonous cloud on her, for more passive damages.
  3. Use your special attacks to use their invincibility frames when necessary
  4. Her shooting becomes more problematic, but standing on the side of the arena and jumping a couple of times with the correct timing solves the problem.
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