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Industries of Titan - Early Game Factory Layouts

Written by MissedFrizzle   /   Updated: June 24, 2021    

A few early game factory layouts.

Guide to Factory Layouts (Early Game)


These layouts are handy early game for your first couple factories, so i figured I'd share. The dedicated facilities do render these obsolete.

Power Layouts

10x10 power layout.

Small generators are the most power efficient for the floor space, and this design squishes 15 of the generators and 5 fuel gens with full power coverage and remote connection for a 'self-contained' factory.

You will want to put this near a xethane chasm as it will pretty quickly draw down the local xethane levels.

  • Grey - small generator.
  • Blue - fuel generator.
  • R - relay.
  • E - energy bridge.

Citizen Layouts

8 citizen + 8 monetization station layout. Ignore the trash.

Written by MissedFrizzle.