Industries of Titan – Early Game Factory Layouts

A few early game factory layouts.

Guide to Factory Layouts (Early Game)


These layouts are handy early game for your first couple factories, so i figured I’d share. The dedicated facilities do render these obsolete.

Power Layouts

10×10 power layout.

Small generators are the most power efficient for the floor space, and this design squishes 15 of the generators and 5 fuel gens with full power coverage and remote connection for a ‘self-contained’ factory.

You will want to put this near a xethane chasm as it will pretty quickly draw down the local xethane levels.

  • Grey – small generator.
  • Blue – fuel generator.
  • R – relay.
  • E – energy bridge.

Citizen Layouts

8 citizen + 8 monetization station layout. Ignore the trash.

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