Phantom Abyss – Ultimate Whip Guide

This guide details all the whips in the game.

Guide to All Whips


  • Guide was written in early Early Access. All items are subject to change.
  • All whips (except the adventurers whip) have exactly one curse, which is listed at the bottom
  • Getting a relic with the whip equipped that has at least the same color as the whip, removes the curse. So for a blue whip, one needs to gather a relic from either blue or red level.
  • With curses cleared, some whips are objectively better than whips of easier color.
  • Releasing a whip early costs 3 tokens of the whip’s color.

Green Whips

Abstract Whip

  • Blessings cost 30% less (effectively you get one blessing for free, comparatively).
  • Start with 2 hearts.

Adventurer Whip

  • A whip with no benefits nor drawbacks.

Bamboo Whip

  • Being within a meter from another phantom for 2s heals you for ½ heart.
  • Buying a blessing damages you for 1 heart.

Bone Whip

  • Standing in water for 2s uses 50 coins to heal ½ heart.
  • Getting damaged makes you drop all your coins Sonic the Hedgehog style.

Cable Whip

  • Start with 5 hearts.
  • Blessings cost 30% more (effectively skipping the first blessing).

Crikey Whip

  • Start with 4 hearts.
  • Standing in water a few seconds causes damage.

Deluxe Whip

  • Falls fast enough to require rolls no longer damage you.
  • Guardians gain 2 levels per floor (up to a total of 10).

Obsidian Whip

  • Coins are worth 50% more (effectively the first 2 blessings are free, comparatively).
  • You only gain coins from chests you yourself open.

Blue Whips

DIY Whip

  • Start at 4 hearts.
  • Chests up to ~5m away are outlined through walls.
  • Any chests a phantom gets to first will contain no coins.

Feather Whip

  • Every coin is worth twice as much.
  • All damage is doubled.

Hobby Whip

  • Every blessing bought heals 1 heart (~8 total).
  • Start at 1 heart.

Knight Whip

  • Start at 6 hearts.
  • Guardians gain 2 levels per floor (up to a total of 10).

Scale Whip

  • Heal half a heart every time you enter another floor (5½ total).
  • Travel speed of dart traps is significantly increased.

Wooden Whip

  • Start at 4 hearts.
  • Dart statues will no longer fire.
  • Blessings costs 30% more (effectively skipping the first blessing).

Red Whips

Cursed Whip

  • Everything deals halved damage.
  • Screen goes completely black for a few seconds every 30 seconds or so.

Fire whip

  • Lava no longer hurts you.
  • Standing in lava for 2s uses 50 coins to heal half a heart.
  • Buying a blessing damages you for 1 heart.

Ice Whip

  • Start with 5 hearts.
  • Sliding is significantly faster.
  • All floors act as if covered by ice.

Lightning Whip

  • Start with 5 hearts.
  • Walking and running is significantly faster.
  • Getting crushed (boulders, pyramids, etc) or taking fall damage instantly kills you.

Vine Whip

  • Start with 5 hearts.
  • Jump height is significantly increased.
  • Darts (statues etc) instantly kill you.

Void Whip

  • Guardians no longer appear.
  • Start with 1 heart.

Whip Categories

All the whips can be categorized into five major categories as seen below. All whips are organized very subjectively in order of strength.

Treasure whips

  • Feather whip
  • Obsidian whip
  • Abstract whip
  • DIY whip

Heart container whips

  • Cursed whip
  • Knight whip
  • Lightning whip
  • Vine whip
  • Cable Whip
  • Wooden whip
  • DIY whip
  • Crikey whip

Healing whips

  • Fire whip
  • Hobby whip
  • Bamboo whip
  • Bone whip
  • Scale whip

Trap mitigation whips

  • Void whip
  • Wooden whip
  • Deluxe whip

Movement whips

  • Lightning whip
  • Vine whip
  • Ice whip

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