Devolver Bootleg – How to Get Luftrausers Infinite Coins (Moneybags Achievement)

Reliable albeit slow method to get 10.000 coins in the luftrausers game.

Infinite Coins Guide

What You Need

You need only two upgrades: Rearshot (costs 200, shoots behind you whenever you move) and the one that costs 450 that gives you protection, I have not tested it yet, but I feel that it protects you from the contact damage of the UFOs.

If you want this to go faster, you get the Triple Shot (500) as well.

In terms of levels, you should reach a point where UFOs start spawning indefinitely at the top of the screen, in later stages it spawns more frequently, but when you get to the point that if you kill one another one (almost) immediately spawns, then it’s good enough.

What You Do

The setup itself is easy, once you get to the stage with the frequent UFO spawns, you clear it, don’t enter the shop nor kill it (it’s going to be your lifeline, as long as the shop is unvisited, you will be in this level forever).

As you know, staying on top will attract UFOs for you to kill, if you don’t move your ship, it’ll constantly move slowly to the left or right (and because of the upgrade, it will always be firing the rear shots).

The UFOs will move in a predictable pattern if you’re touching the barrier of the map, but if you position yourself just below it (barely scraping the shots) you’ll never be hit by them, and they’ll always move the same way.

What does that mean? Two things

Your rear shot will damage it enough so that when it moves again to be right in front of you, it’ll kill it on top of you, every single time, allowing you to pick up every single coin with no effort, this method kills a ship every 20 to 40 seconds give or take (also depends if the spawns are generous enough, they usually are).

The reasoning is that the rear shot either has a bigger hitbox than it appears to have, or that it spawns spawns the bullet a little ahead on the ship itself, so it can hit right in front of you.

The second thing is that if you want, you can hold the fire button so you kill each UFO faster, allowing them to spawn faster, you’ll never have two UFOs on screen (unless later stages act differently), you can also set up a macro to hold the fire button.

The first method takes you around an hour of being AFK, it’s slow, but you can leave the game minimized while you work on other stuff.

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