Gloom and Doom – All Achievements and Endings Guide

How to Get All Endings and Obtain All Achievements



  • Hateblast someone through a window 3 times

  • As Roger: Flee, down the stairs, make a break for the door, try to open living room window (1/3).
  • As Gloom: In Joh’teolath office: hateblast plague demons out of the window (2/3).
  • As Wynona: In the dark alley: Ask Gloom to chase away Cheong and Brock (3/3).

Every Horn Counts

  • Kill an incubus

Unmissable. Kill Roger.

Good Clerk

  • Do a good deed in the video store

  • Exclusive with “Bad clerk”.
  • Video store, recommend a better movie for the 2nd customer (the girl).

Bad Clerk

  • Video store, let the lady customer rent a bad movie.
  • On next day you’ll get the achievement

Unhappiness in slavery

  • Reunite a demon family

  • Exclusive with “I knew this would come in handy” achievement.
  • In Joh’teolath office: spare Joh’teolath destroy the controlling device.
  • Achievement will be awarded later when questioning demons under the bridge.

No peeping

  • Stop a pervert

Lake, as Gloom, waiting to meet Michael: investigate man in tree, scare him.

Stop and Listen

  • Help someone by being a listening ear

Furever Home

  • Find a home for Sonic

  • After meeting Nathaniel, drop Wynona to save jumping lady, listen to her.
  • Later, as Wynona, try to find a home for Sonic on the IRC, local news channel.
  • You’ll get achievement next day when yo go to see Sony.

Ultimate Geek

  • Win a trivia quiz without getting any wrong answers

Answer correctly at Ham and Nam’s quiz:

  • Heather Duke, Bobby, Taming of the shrew, Robert Smith from Cure, Streets of Fire, Ninja dog, Princess What’s-her-name, Green Hill Zone, Hadoken!, Lara Croft.

Drop the “The”

  • Repeat JT’s greatest contribution to movie quotes

As Wynona, when meeting Lorael 1st time dark alley: hound her about her name.

You’re doing great!

  • Reflect and recognize that you’ve achieved a lot already

Likely unmissable. When meeting Nathaniel at skate park 2nd time.

I knew this will come in handy

  • Use a secret weapon at the cathedral

  • In Joh’teolath office: spare Joh’teolath, get the controlling device.
  • At the cathedral: use the device.

Angel of Mercy

  • Reach a good Ending without the death of any major angels

Super Angel of Mercy

  • Reach a good Ending without Gloom directly killing anyone other than Roger

  • Follow the non sinner path with Wynona (see Endings below).
  • As Gloom, don’t kill Wynona when she arrives to your hideout.
  • In Joh’teolath office: hateblast plague demons out of the window, spare Joh’teolath.
  • Don’t kill Joh’teolath on next encounters.
  • As Wynona: don’t order Gloom to kill Cheng And Brock.
  • Answer correctly Ham and Nam’s quiz and don’t kill them.
  • Cathedral assault: attack from the sides = Gloom will only hateblast the demons.
  • In heaven, stop Wynona from Killing Michael.
  • Approach gate defended by Lorael and ask Wynona to burn her wings.
  • When meeting Muriel before the heaven exit, choose Muriel.


Most choices are not important for the Endings, except:

  • The early bad Ending 6.
  • Sinful choices (see below).
  • Choices made once you reach heaven.

  • Early Ending: as Wynona, when meeting Gloom 2nd time: decide you don’t want to die.
  • Ending 6 “Hell of Earth”.
  • Achievement As if we’d end the game like that, chyeah.

All other Endings depend if Wynona is on the sinner path or not. Sinner choices:

  • Let the lady customer rent the wrong movie.
  • Keep running in the nightmare dream.
  • Skip school.
  • Ask gloom to kill cheng and brock (not strictly required) ask gloom to kill the dog.
  • Not sinner path Endings + heaven choices.

Kill Wynona

  • Ending 4 “The more the things change …”
  • Achievement “A New Hobby”

Don’t kill Wynona

  • Don’t let Wynona kill Michael

Choose Muriel

  • Ending 7 “Just like a dream”.
  • Achievement Like a power ballad.
  • No major angel killed: Achievement Angel of Mercy.
  • Don’t kill anyone except Roger: Achievement Super Angel of Mercy.

Choose Wynona

  • Ending 1 “No fate”.
  • Achievement “No fate”.

Let Wynona kill Michael

  • Let Wynona kill Muriel.
  • Ending 2 “An Irreversible mistake”.
  • Achievement “Wrong way on a one-way track”.

Stop Wynona

  • Ending 4 “The more the things change …”

Sinner path Endings:

Do not kill Wynona in heaven:

  • Ending 3 “New Celestial Order”.
  • Achievement “Fanboy Fantasy Fullfilled”.

Kill Wynona in heaven:

  • Ending 5 “Doom has been brought”.
  • Achievement “Fatality”.

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