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Quick reference guide of furniture by categories and room designation.

Guide to Home Furnishings

About This Guide

This is just a quick reference guide I am making for myself. Hopefully some of you find it useful too.

Categories by Room


  • Sink: Bathtub, Sink, Small Sink
  • Toilet: Toilet, Wooden Latrine
  • Washing: Washboard, Washing Machine


  • Bed: Wooden Fabric Bed, Wooden Straw Bed


  • Cooking: Bakery Oven, Cast Iron Stove, Kitchen, Stove
  • Food Preparation: Butchery Table, Mill
  • Food Storage: Ice Box, Refrigerator
  • Spices: Salt Basket


  • Decoration: Carved Pumpkin, Mount (Bison, Elk, Goad, Sheep), Statue (Ecko, Limestone Bison, Limestone Otter, Limestone Owl, Limestone Wolf), Round Pot, Square Pot, Stuffed (Alligator, Bison, Elk, Goat, Jaguar, Wolf)
  • Fireplace: Ashlar Fireplace, Brick Fireplace, Mortared Stone Fireplace
  • Fountain: Ashlar Large Fountain, Ashlar Small Stone Fountain
  • Lights: Brazier, Candle Stand, Ceiling Candle, Electric Wall Lamp, Modern Double Street Light, Modern Street Light, Steel Ceiling Light, Steel Floor Lamp, Steel Table Lamp, Stone Brazier, Street Lamp, Tallow Candle, Tallow Lamp, Tallow Wall Lamp, Torch Stand, Wall Candle, Wood Ceiling Light, Wood Floor Lamp, Wood Table Lamp
  • Rug: Rug Large, Rug Medium, Rug Small
  • Seating: Adorned Ashlar Bench, Adorned Ashlar Chair, Ashlar Bench, Ashlar Stone Chair, Composite Bench, Composite Lumber Chair, Couch, Hewn Bench, Hewn Chair, Lumber Bench, Lumber Chair, Mortared Bench, Mortared Stone Chair, Padded Chair
  • Shelves: Bookshelf, Shelf Cabinet
  • Table: Adorned Ashlar Table, Ashlar Stone Table, Composite Lumber Table, Hewn Table, Lumber Table, Mortared Stone Table, Small Table

Starter Home Items

Just the basics available with Carpentry / Masonry to designate your four rooms. Then add more as you go.


  • Toilet: Wooden Latrine


  • Bed: Wooden Straw Bed


  • Food Preparation: Butchery Table


  • Seating: Hewn Bench, Mortared Bench
  • Table: Hewn Table, Mortared Stone Table


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