Death Road to Canada – Perks & Traits Tier List

Two separate tier lists, one for perks and one for traits. These are just my opinions.

Lists of Perks & Traits Tiers

My Ranking System

  • S: The best to start with (order here doesn’t matter).
  • A: Great to pick up on the road and to start with.
  • B: Decent, there are better options.
  • C: Too situational.
  • D: Literally no reason to use it.

Perks Tier List

  • S – Gungineer, Hidden Potential, Martial Artist.
  • A – Surgeon, Health Care, Athlete, Mechanic, Car Nut, Explorer, Pathfinder, Fighter.
  • B – Ultrafit, Megabuff, Big Bruiser, Top Seller, Natural Shot, Gun Collector, Ex-Wrestler, Trademark Weapon, Shield of Hope, T*S*T*C.
  • C – Friend of Dog, Pyromaniac.
  • D – Bow and Arrows.

Traits Tier List

  • S – Inventive, Specialist, Berserk.
  • A – Paranoid, Oblivious, Mysterious Past, Warrior, Civilized, Practical, Nurturing, Irritating, Fast Learner.
  • B – Travel Light, Charming, Phoenix, Calm Under Fire, Resilient Type.
  • C – City Seeker, Gourmand, Bandit, Fierce Tempered, Tiny Eater, Frantic Whiner, Hero Type, Dingus Savant.
  • D – Sound Sleeper, Grappler, Anime Fan.

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