Samurai Gunn 2 – How to Unlock the Extra Weapons

A guide for editing your save to permanently unlock all three extra weapons in Samurai Gunn 2 for use in vs. mode.

Guide to Unlocking the Extra Weapons

Currently only two of the three weapons are unlockable in adventure mode, so this guide will be helpful even if you’ve unlocked both of those already.

  1. Open an Explorer window and type %localappdata% in the address bar.
  2. Open the folder SamuraiGunn_SilkQuest2.
  3. Open the file questdata1.sgq in a text editor.
  4. Find the part of the file that reads something like “weapons”:{“0”:1}.
  5. Change the part found in step 4 to read “weapons”:{“0″:1,”1″:1,”2″:1,”3”:1}.
  6. Save and close the file questdata1.sgq

If you’re like me, and holding off playing adventure mode until v1.0, you may not have a save file to edit. In that case, simply open a text editor and paste the following, {“weapons”:{“0″:1,”1″:1,”2″:1,”3”:1}} then save as questdata1.sgq. It should also go without saying that you can sanitize your save file to only contain the weapons progress with this last method if you like.

Note that as of EA2, you still need to load in to adventure mode when starting the game in order for your save and weapons to be recognized in vs. mode.

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