Orcs Must Die! 3 – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will help with getting the achievements in Orcs Must Die! 3!

How to Obtain All Achievements

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There are 26 achievements for this game.

All achievements can be completed playing solo or co-op.

It’s not possible to 100% this game at the time.

The “Collector” achievement is currently bugged across all gaming platforms.

Campaign Achievements

There are 5 campaign modes: Old Friends, Drastic Steps, Scramble, Endless, & Weekly.

The Drastic Steps Campaign unlocks after completing all the levels in the Old Friends Main Campaign.

There are 3 difficulties: Apprentice, War Mage, & Rift Lord.

Each level has a goal of 5 skulls. No enemies must reach the breach in order to get 4 skulls. Completing the level within its speedrun time will reward the 5th. Bonus skulls are rewarded for various other accomplishments, & are shown on the Stat Screen after completing a level.

Skulls are used to purchase Traps, Weapons, Trinkets, & their upgrades.

Combo Apprentice

  • Score 500,000 in any campaign scenario.

Old Friends Main Campaign

War Lord

  • Beat the first war scenario.

War Mage

  • Complete the main campaign.

Complete all 18 levels on any difficulty.

Rift Lord

  • Complete the story campaign on Rift Lord difficulty.


  • Earn 5 skulls on every scenario of the story campaign on Rift Lord difficulty.

Drastic Steps Campaign

First Flight

  • Complete the Drastic Steps campaign.

The Landing

  • Complete the Drastic Steps campaign on Rift Lord difficulty.

Top Floor

  • Earn 5 skulls on every scenario of the Drastic Steps campagin on Rift Lord difficulty.


Cracking Eggs

  • Complete Tier 2 in Scramble.

Making an Omelet

  • Complete Tier 5 in Scramble.

Scrambled Eggs

  • Reroll a debuff in Scramble.

Combo Rift Lord

  • Score 5,000,000 total in Scramble.



  • Survive 10 waves in a single endless match.

Can’t Stop Me Now

  • Survive 25 waves in a single endless match.

Combo War Mage

  • Score 5,000,000 in any endless match.


Challenge Accepted

  • Complete any Weekly Challenge.

Coins / Kills Achievements

These will come naturally playing through scenarios.

Coins are only used in scenarios to place traps.

Coins aren’t used for upgrading gear or traps, & are obtained by killing enemies.


  • Kill 100 minions.


  • Kill 10,000 minions.


  • Earn 100,000 coin.


  • Earn 1,000,000 coin.

Gear / Trap Achievements

Gear consists of Weapons & Trinkets. Along with Traps, they’re purchased & upgraded from the Inventory using skulls.

Some Traps, Weapons, & Trinkets are locked behind completing scenarios in the Old Friends Main Campaign.

Selecting “Refund All Upgrades” or “Refund Item Upgrades” will only refund skulls spent on upgrades.

It won’t refund skulls spent to unlock Weapons, Trinkets, or Traps.

Fair Trade

  • Purchase a new piece of gear.

Purchase a Weapon or Trinket.


  • Upgrade a piece of gear.

Well Equipped

  • Unlock all gear slots.

Playing through the Old Friends Campaign will unlock all 10 slots on the loadout bar.


  • Purchase all upgrades for a single trap.

Obtained by purchasing all 3 level upgrades, as well as completing the listed challenge & purchasing both unique upgrades (Special upgrades are only available for Trinkets, even though they’re listed on Traps & Weapons.).

Broken Achievements

Currently, 1 achievement is broken.

The achievement’s progress bar remains at 58/59, regardless of having unlocked & purchased all Traps, Weapons, & Trinkets, or owning the pre-order Weapon.


  • Acquire every item in the game.

100% Achievement

Rifts Protected

  • Complete all achievements.


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