Guns N’ Boxes – Starter Guide

This guide is meant to be a quick introduction to Guns N’ Boxes.


Guns N’ Boxes is a 4-player twin stick shooter about silly guns and random chances. Skill, strategy and a bit of luck are key to winning matches.

Battles and Game Modes

Guns N' Boxes - Starter Guide

At the time of writing, local, lan and online battles are available on Windows. Bots can be added on local battles only, and you can play with most compatible controllers and keyboard & mouse.

The available game modes are:

  • Deathmatch – Get the most kills
  • Elimination – Survive the most rounds
  • Countdown – Get the most kills on a single timed round

You can customize how many rounds/kills/time per match before creating it.


Break boxes to get new guns. Every time you open a gun chest you’ll switch your current gun for a brand new random one.

Guns have various firing modes. Try holding down the fire button if it doesn’t seem to work at first.


Guns N' Boxes - Starter Guide

There are seven playable characters. At the moment they don’t offer any advantage or difference in play style so choose the one you like best.


Players are controlled with a simple move & shoot setup.


Movement is done with the WASD keys. Fire with Left Mouse Button and melee with Right Mouse Button. Reload happens automatically when emptying a clip or by pressing R.


When using an Xbox 360/One controller:
Movement is done with the Left Analog Stick. Fire with either RB or RT, and melee with either LB or LT. Reload happens automatically when emptying a clip or by pressing X.

The button mapping is the same across all other controllers types.

Confirmed working controllers:

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • PS Dualshock 4
  • Steam Controller
  • Logitech F310 Gamepad

All XInput controllers are supported. Some DirectInput controllers are supported but I can’t guarantee button mapping will be the same.

A note on the Steam Controller

The Steam controller is supported as long as it’s set as a keyboard/mouse or controller only. Using the steam controller as a mouse shares it’s input with the actual keyboard & mouse, and combining joystick movement and mouse aiming confuses the game. We’re looking into possible solutions.

Gameplay Tips

Guns N' Boxes - Starter Guide

  • Switch guns constantly. A new gun may give you an oportunity to quickly dispose of other players.
  • New guns have full clip. Ammo is infinite, but your clip will empty. You can save on reloading by picking up another weapon.
  • Use cover wisely. Different maps offer different cover oportunities. Be wary of where you and your opponents are.
  • Use your melee. Melee attacks work while reloading and can also break boxes.

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