Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – OG+ / All Contracts Guide

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider completed in Original Game+ mode (Good Old Times) with all contracts completed (Mercenary Work) on Custom Very Hard difficulty with all parameters maxed out and only one save slot.
Other achievements include Shadow, Obsessive Safe-cracker, Party Crasher, Agent of Mercy, Golden Locks and Voices.

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OG+ & All Contracts

Mission #1 – One Last Fight (0:00)

Don’t forget to activate the contracts before you leave The Dreadful Whale.


  • Industrial Espionage (4:00) – Break all bottles of Plagued Spirit and use the key from the bartender to steal the recipe from the cupboard nearby. 
  • Burn the White Hound (7:00) – Grab the body of the White Hound and burn it in the fireplace across the hall to the right.

Mission #2 – Follow the Ink (13:30)

Contracts are obtained from the Black Market (15:30)


  • Workplace Harassment (19:40) – Don’t go too far from the Racketeer as she will stop walking … She always goes near the Spectre Club where it’s easy to kill her and her associate. However, I left that till last as I didn’t want to have to deal with the guards investigating the bodies (31:00). 
  • Kidnap the Bartender (23:40) – You don’t have to use Domino, you can only hook the bartender (make sure it’s non-lethal) and catch him before he falls down so that he doesn’t die and no one sees him. Then bring him to the roof as shown at 31:15. 
  • The Missing Brother (24:30) – Reverse the flow of the Sanguine Infusion device, though keep in mind that this might cause NPCs around to start searching, which is why I used Domino on all of them. Bring the unconscious man to the small room near the skiff by the river as shown at 28:10. 
  • Death to the Mime (31:50) – Look around for any NPCs or guards nearby, knock out the mime and drop him off the cliff across the river.


  • Golden Locks (25:50)
    Steal the audiograph from the gallery without disabling the safeguard floor.

Mission #3 – The Bank Job (34:00)

Contracts obtained from the Black Market (35:00)


  • The Art Connoisseur (34:00) – Loot the body under the boat, but make sure that’s the first thing you do as the body will float up and it actually went INSIDE the boat for me once and I had to restart the mission. Use the key to enter the boat and collec the painting. 
  • Pickpocket’s Delight (36:50) – Simply loot the guard to complete the contract. 
  • Rags to Riches to Rags (44:10) – Use 315 to unlock Morgan Yu’s safe down at the Archives to complete the contract. 
  • Quiet as a Mouse – I bought the Poppy Tincture from the Black Market at 35:00. The heist begins at 39:25 and your objective is to copy the address book from Dolores’ office which is shown at 45:00. 


  • Party Crasher (46:00)
    Send the vault crashing through the floor 
  • Obsessive Safe-cracker (47:00)
    Open every safe inside the main vault

Mission #4 – The Stolen Archive (50:10)

Contracts obtained from the Black Market at 52:50


  • Alvaro and the Abbey – You need to kill every Overseer and Blind Sister and spare only Brother Cardoza whom you need to put on the musical chair at the underground floor at shown at 1:06:50. The rest is pretty much the whole mission. Just don’t forget the sleeping Overseer like me at 1:09:00. 
  • A Risky Wager (51:30) – Just get around the wires and collect the relic from the safe to complete the contract. 
  • Pilfer the Prophecies (1:01:10) – Read the book that you find in the broken lift inside the Royal Observatory.


  • Voices (1:01:00)
    Break 4 Oraculum censers and listen to the prophecies 

Mission #5 – A Hole in the World (1:10:00)

No contracts.

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