Horror Tales: The Wine – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

How to Obtain All Achievements


Horror Tales: The Wine is a short horror adventure featuring 21 Steam achievements.


  • It’s highly recommended to increase gamma.
  • Sometimes, you can break barricades using the photo mode (press ‘P’ key).
  • Complete the game or go to Settings > Accessibility to unlock the photo mode.
  • Chapters can be replayed at any time.


First sea of wine cleared

  • Clear the first sea of wine

The Tasting Completed

  • Complete The Tastling

Second sea of wine cleared

  • Clear the second sea of wine

The Pairing Completed

  • Complete The Pairing

Third sea of wine cleared

  • Clear the third sea of wine

The Sommelier Completed

  • Complete The Sommelier

The Cellar Challenge Completed

  • Clear The Cellar Challenge

The Cellar Completed

  • Complete The Cellar

Epilogue Completed

  • Complete The Epilogue

Collectibles & Secrets

Every cat is my best friend

  • Find a cute photo
  • Chapter: The Tasting.

Between the terrace and the basement entrance:

All you need is love and a cat

  • Find the cutest photo ever
  • Chapter: The Tasting.

Before jumping down to the area filled with red wine (use photo mode to destroy the barricade):

What greater gift than the love of a cat?

  • Find a photo of a Feline
  • Chapter: The Tasting.

In the house after the maze (use photo mode to destroy the door):

Special wine bottle found

  • Find a special wine bottle.
  • Chapter: The Tasting.

On a balcony after collecting the previous collectible and leaving the house:

The smallest feline is a masterpiece

  • Find a rare photo in the mud.
  • Chapter: The Pairing

In the first mud area, on the ground:

I love my cats more than I love most people

  • Find the rarest photo ever hidden in a hallway.
  • Chapter: The Pairing

In the hallway before the second mud area with the plank (use photo mode to destroy the rocks):

Returned to a familiar place

  • Return to a familiar place.
  • Chapter: The Sommelier

At the beginning of the chapter, head back to the boat (go through the gate):

Cats choose us; we don’t own them

  • Find a photo of a great animal near the river.
  • Chapter: The Sommelier

Upon reaching the second stone bridge, follow this path down the river:

Like all pure creatures, cats are practical

  • Find a photo of a cat in the river.
  • Chapter: The Sommelier

Close to the previous collectible (use the wagon and a barrel to reach it):

Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always

  • Find a photo of a beautiful animal near water.
  • Chapter: The Sommelier

The collectible is at the beginning of the chapter. However, all barrels you can find there are extremely fragile. Play until reaching this bridge, find and pick up a barrel, then jump down:

Use the barrel to reach the collectible:

Time spent with cats is never wasted

  • Find a photo of a cat in The Cellar
  • Chapter: The Cellar

On the plateau (cellar entrance), go to the right and destroy the barricade using photo mode:

Cats rule the world

  • Find an awesome photo of a cat in The Cellar
  • Chapter: The Cellar

Jump on the barrel/crate on the right and reach the top of this shelf:

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