Final Fantasy III – Bestiary Missables Guide

Warning! This guide contains spoilers!

Guide to Missables


The first set of missable monsters can only be encountered with the Enterprise. Be sure to collect these monsters when you have the thing.

  • Inner Sea – #031 through #035
  • Outer Sea – #071 through #074
  • The Grand Ocean – #112 (after reclaiming Enterprise)

The next set of missable monsters are located in confinement of Castle Hein. If the boss of this area is fought and defeated then you will not be able to return and collect these monsters (and chests too) without resetting the game.

  • Castle Hein – #066 through #070

  • #69 Demon can be fought left of your confinement, through small secret passage
  • #66 Pharaoh is the most common enemy as you ascend
  • #67 Lemur can be found with Pharaoh
  • #68 Lamia is found on the upper floors
  • #70 Dullahan is exclusive where you find Royal Sword, a rare encounter

The monsters located in Lake Dohr can also be missed. If the player leaves Lake Dohr after defeating ‘Long Boi’ Leviathan then the area will no longer be accessible. Make sure to get all of the monsters before exiting or teleporting.

  • Lake Dohr – #140 through #142

The last set of missable monsters can be found in Doga’s Grotto. As with Lake Dohr, the area cannot be accessed once the player defeats the boss and leaves.

  • Doga’s Grotto – #156 through #159


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