Final Fantasy II – Guide to Capping Out Everything

How to max every stat in the game and any spell you can get your hands on before even finding Scott (or Just after getting the Canoe) alongside very weapon proficiency in the game. How to also obtain the best gear in the game later and minor spoilers about a story related spell.

How to Capping Out Everything

Physical Stats and Weapon Proficiencies (Outside of Bow)

This entire Process Falls Under:

Abusing the Forced Captain Spawn to Level all weapon proficiencies to 16, all base stats to 99 (including Agility), and to cap out any magic you have access to (which is moist magic in the game if you don’t mind an early game walk).

The quickest way I found to do this is one character at a time, so pick your first training slave and wipe the other characters out. This can be done before or after recruiting Minwu, minwu gives the Canoe but you can ignore training him due to the lack of a postgame in this version.

The first step in this training is to cap out evasion ASAP. So take your first trainee and Equip a shield in their dominant hand with a weapon in their off hand and then take off all armor. Visit the first two towns and buy the weakest version of each weapon type. Now you want to level your first weapon proficiency until it is level 3 (the shield will also be 3); then swap to a new weapon type to continue since shields like getting experience even if they normally would not when you are using a weapon type you are not good with. After getting all weapon proficiencies to level 2 and/or 3 but bow your shield prof should be at 6 to 7.

Equip the weapon type you want to cap first, go back to the starting town, and buy cure. Your next step is to attack yourself and heal yourself since the misses and difficulty you are as a target will grant experience to both until you have shield at 10 and the first weapon at 8 to 10.

Now for the grindiest part. Your evasion should be 99% at this point and you should have a few hundred max HP by now. Maxing agility requires high evasion and dodging many attacks, but cannot happen often at all with evasion below 90%, maxing a weapon type requires fighting an enemy who is much more powerful than the weapon you are using, and if used in off hand you will gain more experience for the weapon type alongside more strength. What you want to do here is make your way to the Captains in the Captured Kingdom (how you progress the story to begin with) and start fights with them. With high evasion they will almost never hit you with anything but bow (bow counts as a spell from enemies in this game so it cannot miss).

Just attack and heal when you need to and your weapon levels and strength will continue until you hit the cap in all of them but bow, and your agility will increase beyond what it will ever hit in a normal run. In this version the Captains will also run away for some reason so do not worry about killing them; it speeds up the grind considerably. If you want you can stop here with one weapon and a shield capped and with whatever your agility is, or you can continue to do this until you have 99 agility and stop here (Each point of agility increases a few things, but most notably your evasion; which matters because as you equip heavier and heavier weapons and armor you will eventually have 0 evasion outside of the weapon proficiencies in your shield and weapon that likely wont beat out weight).

Capping out Magic and Bows (Bows are Here to Save Sanity over Maxing Agility Earlier)

Either of these methods can be done in either order. The steps are:

4A. Magic Maxing and Gil Farming.

4B. Agility Maxing for Bow Training.

4A: If you have not already done so, Buy Blizzard, Thunder, and Fire and then return to the captains and choose a spell for each encounter and cast it on him, then starting auto battle so the trainee casts it repeatedly. With starting gear this is the only way to kill the captains and it will level your intelligence, magic, and max MP while also seeing some gear drops like Flame Bow and Golden Armor from the Captains. Keep as much as you want but you will have to sell a lot of these to keep up with your MP consumption.

You can also take any chance you want to just auto battle cure on yourself till the guy flees to cap cure, spirit, magic, and max mp. Once you reach the threshold where all of your base spells can instantly kill the captain, start instead casting them on yourself repeatedly until he flees or you need to heal, or just feel like offing the guy. This will level magic Defense and will eventually cap your spells, magic, int, spirit, and max mp stats. At this point Cottages will likely be more affordable than stays at an inn so start buying those. For this next part you will want to stock up on a very large amount of gil.

Once you have enough gil or whenever you feel strong enough you will walk across the map to visit every other available town for any gear or spells you want (except one story related spell). I recommend going straight to the town of mages because they sell most of the magic in the game. enjoy buying up all of the magic you want and leveling it up in the same ways you leveled Cure and Fire/Thunder/Blizzard. Though an important note now is that one of your party members (outside of Minwu) should keep one empty spell space for a story related spell that BOTH gets stronger the higher its spell level is but also for how strong the rest of your spells are. Also make sure that at least one of your characters has toad at level 16 for another step later.

4B. Just keep doing melee fights with maximum evasion until your agility is high enough where you no longer need a shield for maximum evasion; now start by equipping the bow and training with it. This genuinely is the reason for getting high agility outside of wearing the ultimate armor and having high evasion at the same time.

Ultimate Gear and Spell (Minor Spoiler)

Ultimate Gear

Progress to Snowmobile: If you went this far then may as well go all the way. With level 16 Toad you can access the toad memory minigame when in a snowmobile I have not reached that point yet to know this version’s method of opening the minigame in the snowmobile so you will have to figure that out sadly. This game is how you get the ultimate armor and weapon in the game (weapon is a sword) and some items you will also never need. The minigame has 32 possible layouts and will rotate between them in a set rotation; so just record the layouts as you go and then win with the exact amount of failures needed for each reward (of which all are infinite rewards that you can get as much as you want). This can only be done with level 16 Toad; the game you open otherwise is not worth it compared to Toad.

Ultimate Spell

Ultima: Once you make it far enough in the game Minwu will unseal ultima. You only get one tome for Ultima so use it to teach the one character you left a free slot on Ultima; then find a strong enemy and do what you did to level all other casting magic until it is level 16. This spell grows stronger from both leveling up but also from all of your other spells being a higher level; so enjoy its strength.

Final Fourth Member and Outro

That is it; there ya go.

When your final fourth member joins Captains will not be available so you will just need to find a tough enemy. I personally would use Behemoths at that point in the story. This method will cap every stat and spell without fail; which the game was not balanced around so enjoy.

If the postgame is ever added you will want to do this process for Minwu and about every Fourth Party member that join your team (yes not all of them will benefit from it at all in the postgame but I am avoiding spoilers). Also; give the guy who have you the snowmobile and every other following fourth member two of the strongest sword in the game before they leave your party if that ever becomes the case.


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