Back 4 Blood – Recommended Settings For Maximum Visual Quality

This guide will show you the optimum settings for absolute best visual quality at max settings.

Recommended Settings Guide

Graphics Settings


  • Window Mode: Fullscreen if only gaming, Windowed Borderless if multitasking (alt+tabbing).
  • Screen Resolution: Default/same as your monitor.
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA. Other settings either blur edges too much or add distracting amounts of motion blur.
  • Motion Blur: Off. Why would anyone want vaseline vision?
  • Chromatic Aberration: Off. Textures become slightly blurred when set to on.
  • Adaptive FX Quality: Off. AFAIK when set to on it will lower effects quality to improve FPS.
  • FOV: What ever feels right to you.
  • VSync: Turn off if you lag, leave on if no lag felt. It will prevent visual tearing when turned on, but can also increase latency.
  • Limit FPS: Off. Unless temps are too high, in which case set it just above your monitor’s refresh rate.
  • Quality/Custom Quality: Epic for all. No need to explain this one.
  • HDR: On if available.
  • Brightness/Contrast/Saturation: Default, or whatever looks best on your monitor.
  • Graphics API: DirectX 12 if available.
  • Sharpening: FidelityFX if available. It will make textures sharper/clearer.
  • Resolution Scale: 100. Anything lower will make the game become pixelated.

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