Cabin Fever – How to Get All Endings

A complete guide for getting all the endings in Cabin Fever with only very light spoilers.

Ultimate All Endings Guide

Minimum spoiler tips for those who haven’t beat the game (and want the best ending).

  • Move the trap.
  • Ask about her favorite memory.

Good luck, Now for the spoiler-light guide to tell you how to get all the endings(this guide assumes you have already beaten the game once)

The Actual Guide Section 1 (Light Spoilers)

  • There are 9 endings (even if the achievement tied to getting them all says there are only 8) to get in the game and only 3 choices matter throughout the entire game before the final chapter (several choices are present during the final chapter).
  • Each choice that matters will be listed and the result of what happens when you pick one of the choices (usually the results of the worse choice will be detailed).

[also the”right choice” will be mentioned and it’s goal is to get you to the best ending]

Stay inside & go outside (Chapter 2)

  • Staying inside get’s you the earliest ending possible and is more of a joke ending.
    [going out is the right choice].

This choice really isn’t something to stress over as it’s the first choice in the game and you literally can not progress the game without picking the right choice, I just thought I should mention it as it’s one of the only choices that does something, I don’t know if it counts an actual ending though.

Leave the trap where it is & move the trap (Chapter 3)

  • If you do not move the bear trap you are guaranteed to get one of two joke endings and none of the choices you make will matter from here on, you can decide which one of the joke endings you get by choosing to go through the woods or taking the road near the end of the game.
    [moving the trap is the right choice]

Ask her about her hopes for the future & ask her about her favorite memory (Chapter 5)

  • If you ask her about the future you will not be able to find mallory at the end of the game which restricts you to two similar endings assuming you moved the bear trap in the last step (if you did not you still are relagated to the joke endings).
    [also asking about her favorite memory is the right choice]

Heres a short guide for the two endings (these choices take place during the final chapter)

  • If you dont read the spam and go the hospital at any point (taking the road also instantly takes you to the hospital), or if you do read the spam and accept treatment at any point you’ll get the ending where you do not ever find mallory.
  • If you dont read the spam, then go to the woods, and then avoid the hospital or read the spam and avoid accepting treatment, youll get the other ending where you find out you were too late to find mallory.

Final Chapter Guide Section 2 (Chapter 8)

This assumes you have picked the three right choices detailed in section 1 before reaching the final chapter and I will now detail the rest of the choices in the game.

Delete the spam & read the spam anyway

  • If you do not read the spam you do not learn vital information and are restricted to 2 endings with one being the worst ending.
    [Reading the spam is the right choice]
  • If you take the forest route then go to the hospital/just take the highway, you do not find Mallory and the game ends.
  • If you take the forest route then don’t go to the hospital you are given the worst ending in the game.

Head for the highway & continue through the trees

  • If you take the road the amount of endings you can get lessens, but it puts you heavily on track to getting the best ending.
    [there really isn’t a “right choice” as both choices put you on the right path, but I guess I would recommend going through the forest to keep your ending options open, and it has a nice little optional scene the highway choice doesn’t]

Head for the planetarium & go straight to the hospital

  • This option only appears if you went through the forest, if you took the road you automatically go to the hospital.
  • If you pick head to the planetarium, you get another bad ending simple as that.
    [going to the hospital is the right choice]

Accept treatment & insist on getting help for mallory first

  • If you accept the treatment you get a previously mentioned bad ending.
    [getting Mallory help is the right choice]

The Phone Number

This is the last choice of the game, your choices are:

  • 555-8484-322
  • 555-8368-232
  • & Drawing a blank?

The right choice is 555-8484-322 and gets you the best ending, picking either of the other choices results in a bad ending.

That’s it, I’ll leave you with a checklist of the endings with the achievements and a TLDR section

  • Better Safe Than Sorry…?  (Never meet Mallory)
  • Cat Earth Theory (one of two joke endings if you dont move the trap)
  • Have A Nice Trip (one of two joke endings if you dont move the trap)
  • Head Over Heels (an ending you can only get if you dont ask about Mallorys past)
  • Instant Regret (getting treatment alone)
  • Your Heart Will Go On (find mallory without getting the phone)
  • How Shakespearean (The worst ending, find Mallory without knowing about the cure)
  • You Had One Job (get the number wrong)
  • The Stars Aligned (get the number right)


  • The right choices for the best ending

  • Go outside
  • Move The Trap
  • Ask about her favorite memory

  • Read the spam
  • Take the road or go through the forest
  • (If you go through the forest go to the hospital)
  • Insist on finding Mallory
  • 555-8484-322

Any other choice you make do not matter, so feel free to pick whatever else you want to.

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