Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – Super Unit Guide (Special Moves Explained)

A guide to help you understand Super Unit special moves.

Guide to Super Unit


The Super Units are collaboration powers used by a variety of characters from the Dragon Ball Universe. There are two types of them: Super Unit Attack & Super Unit Effect.

The Super Unit Attack is basically a Team Ultimate Move that inflicts a massive amount of damage on the opposing team’s Health gauge. The Super Unit Effect doesn’t deal any damage, but provides strong buff effects for your team or debuff effects for your opponent.


In order to use a Super Unit, you’ll have to equip a Super Unit special item to a set number of team members in your Card Deck. And they have to be equipped sequentially (L, S1, S2, etc.), otherwise they won’t be registered in that specific order. Additionally, your Hero Energy gauge has to be at maximum in order to use it, and only a limited amount of Hero Energy can be acquired per Round.

Here’s a list of some of the skills I used to activate the Super Units faster:

  • Overflowing Energy
  • Power Reserve
  • Natural Gifts
  • Villain of the Wasteland
  • Subjugated
  • Surefire Victory
  • Team Members

Lastly, each character belongs to a certain Unit Position of L and S1-S4. Down below is a list of characters that I’ve already deciphered. I chose these characters specifically based on the personality traits that were displayed during each Super Unit. The word Unknown simply means that any character can fill that spot instead. I also had to edit a few of the Unit names due to mistranslations, typos, and other errors.

Furthermore, these are only the Super Units that I’ve unlocked so far. There’s bound to be several more still left in the game. So expect this to be updated in the future, albeit not very frequently.

The rest of you can take it from here! Any contribution here can make a difference!

  • Father-Son Kamehameha – Gohan (L), Goku (S1), Vegeta (S2)
  • Hope for the Future – Trunks(L), Goku (S1), Avatar (S2)
  • Ultimate Kamehameha – Goku (L), Trunks (S1), Pan (S2)
  • Ultimate Awakening – Gogeta (L), Avatar (S1), Gotenks (S2)
  • Perfect, Parental Bond – Goku (L), Gohan (S1), Goten (S2)
  • Saiyan Determination – Bardock (L), Tora (S1), Fasha (S2)
  • Dawn of the Hero – Goku (L), Gohan (S1), Vegeta (S2)
  • Grim Reaper of Justice – Gotenks (L), Vegeta (S1), Goku (S2)
  • Ultimate Spirit Sword – Vegito (L), Gohan (S1), Gotenks (S2)
  • Strongest Super Warrior – Goku (L), Vegeta (S1), Avatar (S2)
  • Demonic Rampage – Broly (L), Goku (S1), Vegeta (S2)
  • Godhood Transcended – Goku (L), Vegeta (S1), Beerus (S2)
  • Unleashed Instincts – Gohan (L), Goku (S1), Vegeta (S2)
  • Deity-Level Battle – Champa (L), Goku (S1), Beerus (S2)
  • Proud Saiyan Bloodline – Vegeta (L), King Vegeta (S1), Tarble (S2)
  • Fusion Warriors of the Time Patrol – Gogeta (L), Gotenks (S1), Supreme Kai of Time (S2)
  • Universe 7’s Ultimate Warriors – Vegeta (L), Goku (S1), Gohan (S2)
  • Legendary Demon – Broly (L), Unknown (S1), Unknown (S2)
  • Ginyu Force Pose – Ginyu (L), Recoome (S1), Burter (S2), Jeice (S3), Guldo (S4)
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