Dust to the End – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


This guide will keep it short and simple. Game is fairly easy, but require some grinding and few tasks are repetitive. Game is all about collecting money and spending it on slot machines. Have fun.


Homeless and Unstable

  • Reached the ending 1

Life of Revenge

  • Reached the ending 2

Finding and Hope

  • Reached the ending 3

Home Lost

  • Reached the ending 4

Finish the main quest. There are 4 different endings. Make a save after the quest: ”Final meeting”. You can load your previous save or use a different save slot. After completing the main quest, you can continue playing.


10,000 KM

  • The mileage reached 10,000 kilometers without any vehicles.

100,000 KM

  • The mileage reached 100,000 kilometers


  • The mileage reached one million kilometers

Should reach this after completing other achievements. If not, travel from one side to the other. Do this on right side of the map, as there will be no enemies.

Edge of the World

  • Get to the edge of the map

Travel to any edge of the map.

My world

  • Been to all locations

Visit all locations, easily unlocked by following main quest.



  • Survived until September 1, 2204

Keep your caravan alive for 5 years. You can check time on bottom right.


  • Survived until September 1, 2209

Keep your caravan alive for 10 years. You can check time on bottom right.


Focus on participation

  • Participated 25 times in the arena

Participate 25 times in the arena. You dont need to win.

Blood and sand

  • Won 20 victories in the arena

Win 20 times in the arena. Each match has 3 rounds. Remember you can swap caravan members after each round.

For honor

  • Won 3 victories in all arenas

There are 5 different arenas. Border Town, Eagle Town, New Moon City, Ampton City and Yin City. You have to win 3 times in each. You need to win the full match, not just 3 rounds.



  • Proficiency level arrive at 30


  • Proficiency level arrive at 50

Reach proficiency level 30 and 50 by crafting. You can craft from the inventory. Bottom left you will see your current level and energy bar. Every time you are crafting, you will spend some energy. Energy is restored every week. You will need tools to craft and you will learn new recipes, when gaining more levels in crafting. I found out the best way to increase level is to craft biohazard suits.



  • You have one underground base


  • You have three underground bases

Wasteland Lord

  • You have five underground bases

Bunkers as the game call them, or underground bases. You can get first bunker from the quest: ”Fallback”. You can find remaining 4 bunkers from the tavern for some cigarettes. Usually main cities have side quest asking you to find and clear these bunkers. You can have only 5 in total.


Conquer Gobi Market

  • Occupy all the markets in the Gobi zone

Conquer Desert Market

  • Occupy all the markets in the Desert zone

Conquer West Wildland Market

  • Occupy all the markets in the West Wildland

Conquer East Wildland Market

  • Occupy all the markets in the East Wildland

Commercial Giant

  • Occupy all the markets

Each area, except starting area, have so-called market. After arriving Eagle Town, you can start side quest: ”Market Competition”. Each city/town have a guild, which show information about the market. You need to set up an office to start occupying the market. Each area have two rivals. You get credits by completing objectives shown in the guild menu or by helping caravans/guards. You will get new objectives every month. Seize their market share and start trade routes to get some extra money. I recommend to get rid of one rival at the time, as they will try to seize your market. It´s less time consuming and reduce traveling, if you do one at the time. Do this to all cities and towns.


Let me try!

  • Create 1 industry.

Hard Work

  • Create 5 industries.

I have Branchs

  • Create 15 industries.

Business Specialization

  • Owns 1 Advanced Industry.

Industry Leader

  • Owns 5 different types of Advanced Industries.

The Thriving Wasteland

  • Owns 15 different types of Advanced Industries.

Rebuilder of Apocalypse

  • Complete the construction of industrial bases in all towns.

Lord of Constructions

  • Complete the construction of Advanced Industry in all urban industrial bases.

Most of the cities and towns have properties. These properties can be used to construct industry. These will then produce different goods. Some cities have already built industry that you can only upgrade to advanced. Some let you choose what to build. Make sure you build at least 15 different industries to get “The Thriving Wasteland achievement”. To build/upgrade some of them, you will need to reach high reputation (see “World Attention”). In quests panel, under property, you can see what you have built, cost of buildings and upgrades. I suggest to complete this when you have a lot of money, as building and upgrading will require lot of building materials.


Friend of Towns

  • The prosperity of city is more than 200.

Urban Construction Expert

  • The prosperity of city is more than 300.

Prosperity of Apocalypse

  • The prosperity of city is more than 400.

Simply construct and upgrade all industries in the city. To reach 400, you need to construct and upgrade everything in Yin City.

Slot Machine

Have a Taste

  • Spend 750,000 in slot machine.

Don’t STOP!

  • Spend 8 million in slot machine.

Damaged Rod

  • Spend 100 million in slot machine.

Just keep spending on the slot machine. You can play slot machine in the tavern. There are 3 slot machines in total. New Moon City, Ampton City and Yin. Playing slot machine is currently the best way to get purple armor and weapons. Totally worth it. You can use autohotkey-script to make your life easier.

Lucky Star

  • Collect all the trinkets which hidden in the slot machine.

The Ancient Banner, Implicit code and the Multimodal Transport Stowage Manual from the Yin City.

License Sheet of Vaccination and the Joker’s Mask from the Ampton City.

Obedience Collar from the Moon City.


Listen, engine voice

  • Get the first fuel-efficient vehicle

Buy your first motorcycle from Eagle Town.


  • The number of funds exceeds one million

Have over 1 000 000. Easy to get.

Insert coins, please!

  • Spent one million on maintenance costs

Repair your vehicles. You can repair vehicles in garage. Will come over time.


  • Caravan is full

Have your caravan full of people. You can have total of 9 people. 1 is your character and 1 from main quest. You can hire two characters from side quests, John and Beck. You can also hire mercenaries from taverns.


  • Get the Titan Truck

The best vehicle in the game for 99 800 000. You can buy it from Yin City.

Gene Medicine

  • Use genetic medicine once

Medicine to reset your characters stats. You can buy it from the black market.

World attention

  • All reputation reached above 500

Reach 500 reputation for all cities in reputation panel. Civilian factions are not needed. Easiest way to increase reputation is to do quests for each city. You can gain some extra reputation by helping patrolling guards.

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