Tetris Effect: Connected – Effect Mode SS Ranks (Seriously? Seriously Achievement)

Looking to fill out those SS Ranks for the “Seriously? Seriously.” achievement? You’ve come to the right place! This guide will have all the requirements and some tips as to how to get to them.

Guide to Effect Mode SS Ranks

Classic Modes


  • Requires a score of 500,000


  • It should go without saying, but chain your Tetrises and T-Spins to rack up your score. The target score is fairly high for this one!
  • If you’re confident, or your score still isn’t reaching the required number, you might want to up the starting Level. This will make the earlier lines you get score more!
  • Alternatively, if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can just play Endless Marathon and just see how high you can get your score before topping out.


  • Requires a score of 35,000


  • This one can be tricky due to the time limit. Back-to-Backs of T-Spin Doubles and Tetrises should be enough, but you need to work quickly.
  • If you can get an All Clear or two, this one will be that much easier. Keep practicing on this one!


  • Time of under 70 seconds (1:10)

The only tip I can give for this one is to keep practicing. This one is a pretty big pain if you’re not used to playing fast. You need 10 Tetrises in 70 seconds; practice this one along with Ultra and see how well you can do!


  • Clear 150 Lines


  • If you’re not used to playing at 20G, then this one can take a very long time. Blocks drop straight to the bottom of your matrix, and as the levels go higher, the time before tetrominos lock and line clear delay both drop, making each level faster and faster.
  • There aren’t a lot of instances where 20G is in effect elsewhere in the game. The only place where 20G even occurs is at very high levels in Connected Score Attack and Expert Journey Mode, where some stages have places where it hits Level 20, which is 20G. If you want to practice before taking this on, try one of those two area.

Relax Modes

Chill Marathon

  • Requires a score of 300,000

All Marathon tips apply here, but requires a significantly lower score. Just avoid topping out, and this one won’t be too much trouble.


  • Requires a score of 10,000

Just chain Tetrises here and you’ll get 10,000 easily. This is also a decent place to practice for Sprint; you’ll get 8 of 10 Tetrises for a Sprint time if you do 30 lines!


  • Requires a score of 40,000

Nothing complicated, just get through the four stages with a decent score. Just make sure your board is in decent shape between area transitions.

Focus Modes

All Clear

  • Requires 30 All Clears


  • Memorize the patterns you get! They’ll keep showing up if you keep playing.
  • The first 20 or so shouldn’t be anything too complicated; try not to mess these up.
  • Memorize how to spin those S and Z pieces into place, along with the T-Spin setups. Knowing how to get these setups will make this challenge much, much easier.
  • You still need to move pretty fast on this one; you don’t get a lot of time refunded for getting the All Clears, only about 3-5 seconds!


  • Requires a total of 120 Combos


  • This one is more about speed than you might think. 120 is a lot, but for each combo you get a small amount of time back; move quickly!
  • Don’t be afraid to “dump” a few pieces if a combo won’t start with the pieces you have at the moment. Put them at the top and out of the way of the combo.
  • The Combo doesn’t start until you clear a line, which is why you are allowed to pass on pieces that are not ideal.
  • The time refunded gets smaller as the timer closes on 0. Try and keep up!


  • Requires 30 Boards Cleared


  • You’re going to want to get creative for this one. You only need to clear the glowing blocks; every other one can be ignored.
  • Stack high enough so you can clear the blocks required. Later boards will have blocks above the one you need to clear, requiring you to clear those lines. Those should be the only ones you clear that don’t contain the target blocks.
  • You gain a decent amount of time for clearing boards, but a target of 30 is still pretty far out there. Try to be efficient and quick.

Adventurous Modes


  • Requires a score of 55,000


  • Lines cleared by the dropped I-pieces score double! Use them to your advantage to rack up your score.
  • That being said, mind where they drop and make sure they don’t make your board worse than before!
  • You have 5 minutes to get the needed score. If you’re struggling, this mode has an Endless mode for you to get the SS Rank; you only need it for one of the two modes.


  • Requires 450 Blocks Purified on Normal


  • If you play competitive Tetris, then your downstacking prowess will serve you well here. High combos will cleanse many Dark Blocks at once, far more effectively than even a Tetris!
  • Cleansing all Dark Blocks will give you some bonus points. Make an effort to cleanse them all before more blocks get infected!
  • You can also cleanse blocks by simply clearing them. Worth knowing if your board gets low.


  • Requires a score of 400,000


  • Like Marathon and Countdown, there’s an Endless mode for this one. If you can survive long enough, it’s something to consider to get your SS for this one.
  • There’s a secret zone which doubles your points. If you get it, take advantage of it.
  • Unfortunately, you’re at the hands of the game for this one. Good luck!
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