Tavern of Gods – Ultimate Guide to Power Level of Equipment Suits

Collection/Suits Guide

General Information

  • S – Must have or core suit for multiple strategies
  • A – Widely usable or build defining suit
  • B – Useful but not build defining or required
  • C – Occasionally useful but generally weak
  • D – Only useful with very specific strategies
  • E – Never useful

So what is the optimal suit usage?

  • Generally suits have the power level about on par with a legendary item = 2 normal items.
  • That means a full suit of non-legendary items sits at ~5 normal items worth, which puts them slightly above a regular transmutation (~4 normal items).
  • This means that suits can be utilized greatly in the early to mid-game, especially when you are still lacking a high level or high rarity carry.
  • That also means this difference completely evens out once you start transmuting everything and the only advantage that you’d keep is the additional bonus for wearing a transmuted set (~12 normal items vs ~14 normal items) which tends to be completely offset by being restricted to items you don’t want.
  • This makes it incredibly beneficial if you can find an item build that utilizes transmutations for each item of a suit.
  • You can pretty much ignore any of the rankings below for such a build, because at that point you will just be getting free stats. On the other hand it’s almost never worth it to put a bad legendary into your build because of some forced suit synergy.

Attribute Suits

Probably the weirdest class of suits. Half of them are unusable because they are just inferior versions of existing items. The other suits however offer some really nice bonuses.

Block chance – S

This suit will get you to 80% block chance and 75% block reduction on your guardians with synergy. You’ll want this basically every game.

Critical damage – S

Useful on almost all attack and spell strategies. It comes with a critical chance item which enables the many critical hit traits too.

Debuff damage – A

This one is only usable for exactly two units. Poison isn’t really viable because it doesn’t really scale and the application isn’t great, but for bleed this gives increased base damage and a huge debuff modifier. This item alone lets you just pick up bleed units on practically any comp. The base damage nerf hurts this a bit, but it still serves the same purpose.

Dodge chance – B

Another form of damage reduction you can’t really get elsewhere. It’s not unique so you can stack it but really you want this for dodge-based characters. Unfortunately, the individual items are not great, especially if you really want to stack it.

Health – E

Outclassed by a regular item.

Attack Damage – E

Outclassed by a regular item.

Attack speed – E

Outclassed by a regular item.

Spell damage – E

Outclassed by a regular item.

Aura Suits

No matter your strategy there is always gonna be at least one or two auras that can be of use to you, so this makes a majority of the options here show up in your games. None of these are gonna make or break any build but they are always nice to have.

Protections – A

Very cost efficient suit with defensive options.

Regeneration – A

Very cost efficient suit with defensive options.

Hit chance – A

Hit chance tends to be quite hard to come by and is useful for all your characters.

Mana restore – A

Getting mana back is useful for basically every comp. This might also change certain mana restoration breakpoints for heroes.

Critical chance – B

Usually unnecessary if going for crit builds but adds some decent damage.

Attack speed – B

Extra speed tends to be useful on any character but the suit lacks defensive options.

Attack damage – C

You’ll usually get your damage in other ways and not having any defensive item for the aura carrier is rough.

Spell damage – C

You’ll usually get your damage in other ways and not having any defensive item for the aura carrier is rough.

Effect Suits

Apart from one notable exception, the utility suits are not really something you should consider unless you have a very specific strategy in mind. As expected, situationally useful things when you need consistency are not very desirable.

Summon stats affect carrier – S

One of the strongest suits. This gives any character the highest possible % health or % damage increase in one item, and basically doubles the effectiveness for additional % health and % damage items.

Debuff immunity – B

Quite useful on your main tanks but not required.

Summon secondary attribute ratio – B

On paper this is an incredible suit bonus, unfortunately it competes with the suit that gives the highest bonuses for the exact things this doesn’t work with. You need a really good reason to not just spam overstatted damage and health items.

Leech immunity – C

Nice to have but way too niche and hard to get room for.

Reflect chance – C

Damage reflect is okay but struggles against healing and it’s generally better to have more sturdy tanks.

Chance to fear – D

Only worth on multi-hit basics on supplementary characters.

Chance to freeze – D

Only worth on multi-hit basics on supplementary characters.

Chance to stun – D

Only worth on multi-hit basics on supplementary characters.

Mana reduction immunity – D

Your mana reliant characters should be attacked last and most of the time it does nothing anyway. Just don’t fight demons if you are that worried about it.

Chance to slow – E

Only worth on multi-hit basics on supplementary characters. Unlike the other effects it’s not even a hard control effect

Class Suits

Class suits are where you generally find your on average highest power level suits.

Easily accessible team-wide bonuses and powerful higher synergies for any carry type are the standard, though it also includes the probably worst suit in the game.

I make no differentiation between tough, arcane or sharp suits here because you usually just use the one that fits your current strategy the most. The same will apply to the race suits.

Warrior – S

Team-wide defensive effect and an insane final synergy for any physical carry. Useful on any comp. Critical resistance is also very convenient to prevent unfortunate rolls.

Ranger – S

Team-wide accuracy increase is incredible and the other synergies are just great on physical carries without really overlapping with stats you usually get which makes it even better.

Guardian – S

Team-wide base health bonus is really strong. The second bonus however turns your tanks into an unkillable wall. The fact that you can skip the last synergy makes this suit so easy to pick up on any comp without having to pick up low rarity guardians.

Mage – A

Team-wide mana restoration is okay. Turning certain characters into mages can be incredibly powerful, because there are some powerful spells outside the mage class but itemization can be awkward and you want the maximum synergy.

Assassin – B

Great selfish effects for physical carries but really only safely usable on melee characters. The team-wide effect is completely useless because by the time you have 7 assassins you have critical chance on all the characters you want it on anyway. This means you want to go all in or ignore them. You pretty much only use this for early synergy access on assassin comps and then adding more “assassins” as you increase leadership later.

Summoner – E

Characters without summons gain no benefits here and if you need mana quickly you need a repeatable way to get it. Worst suit by far. Unlike assassins who can rush higher leadership and get more units out early, summoners are also very level dependent, so you’ll never really be in a situation where you can place more units early than you have summoners.

Race Suits

Racial bonuses tend to be a little less strong to build around because the synergies found here are often more about utility than offense. This makes them less attractive to focus on than the more offensively oriented class suits. Despite that, they have have access to the mechanically probably most broken suit.

Human – S

50% CDR and 50 mana restoration in one item while keeping access to another CDR item? The arcane suit alone enables crazy no mana cost (almost) no cooldown strategies. You won’t use this every game but it’s probably the best suit to build around. You also get silence on attack against bosses and control reduction.

Nature – A

Great team-wide defensive bonus. Usually that’s all you use them for though but they’re easy enough to pick up and that speed bonus is decent for carries. The final synergy is difficult to make use of, but there are some good targets.

Savage – B

The health regeneration is okay but you want this for the damage increase on bulky characters. That’s basically the only reason to pick this suit up but it enables tank comps to deal good damage.

Bizarre – B

Great team-wide bonus with some weird additional effects. Usually you’ll just get this for the cheap speed boost. The other bonuses are fine, just difficult to fit in.

Demon – C

No real reason to get more demons apart from some weird mana drain strategies against bosses. The bonuses are just relatively weak compared to other races/classes.

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