Tavern of Gods – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The Economy

  • Until You have 50 gold don’t refresh followers.
  • Buy whoever You need if they appear, but don’t refresh to change followers for new ones.
  • After 50g You need to start spending with refresh and maybe leadership.
  • Now you can handle 2 fights with -1 follower (compared to enemies), so usually You’ll fight 2×3 and 3×4, easily.

  • It’s important to choose the map very well. You need always avoid “300dmg is dealt to followers after using their active skill” early, cause in early game You don’t have items and your followers aren’t strong, so You avoid that map.
  • Try to pick the maps where allied dodges make enemy has a chance to attack again, or when You critical hit there’s a chance to return damage cause You don’t have high dodge chance or critical chance early, so it’s not a big deal.
  • There are other good options to pick first, you have to think what you can deal early, what your team is good (or like in dodge maps, your team has no high dodge chance, so it will be fine).
  • Just think about the maps options, check them all first.

  • Leadership is important, I don’t really know when to increase it, but I think You’ll do it right.
  • Less leadership, more low quality followers.
  • After 50g spend your money trying to level up followers, sometimes You refresh 3 times to search followers You want, You level them up, a lot, and to spend some gold with leadership, not much cause You want to level up your normal followers first, if You have higher leadership You will find less normal followers.
  • You will know when your leadership is low when you face enemies with more followers than you. You can fight them easily with your high level followers, but focus more gold in leadership when You see enemies have 1 more (or when You really need that trait, like 3 Nature, so try to get enough leadership to 3 Nature followers).

  • Think in your party before starting the game, usually think “ok, I’ll make a Nature/Ranger team” before starting a new adventure.
  • So pick your suits (the equipments combo) thinking about it. You need to focus in high attack speed, high attack damage and high defense. I highly recommend to pick the suit Life Breath for your tank or front line. Always do that for at least one follower, he (usually Brutal Bear, cause I like Nature) is always alive and safe.
  • If you like Nature or Rangers, I also recommend Black Panther, Tiger Strike, Fast Aura and maybe Cruelty (Sharp), but Black Panther is my fav, Fast Aura too, I do one Fast Aura in every run (they are all unlocked or cheap for early game). Life Breath is the best when you don’t have many front line followers. Try to use only Brutal Bear and Duel Master (he is not really tank), so You need Life Breath a lot.

Don’t understimate Epic and Legendary followers, usually one Lv 1 Legendary follower is stronger (more dmg, more hp) than your highest level Normal follower, so if you don’t really need that Normal follower you can change them for epic/legendary ones. It’s not really necessary, like I always finish the game with my normal Duel Master usually lv 6, he is not the best, but I keep him for no reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (cause I am bad and I am lazy to think a better option)

Focus 1 or 2 teams to farm gems. The game is very grindy rn, so if you focus in the same team for few games, you’ll have better chances. I love Nature and Rangers, so I unlock suits for my Nature and Rangers followers (as I said, I like atk speed and high dmg), you also unlock new traits for followers, so if you use them in your next adventure you’ll be stronger than before, think your favorite Race and your favorite Class, unlock new traits for followers of both race and class you like, cause there’s a high chance you will use them in all runs haha.

I have a problem with spells, I just like the same spells, I use Protective Field, Rebirth and Madness, sometimes Shelter and Power Field, but yeah, just think what you want and what you need, not big deal here. I like Protective Field cause I don’t have many front line followers, they need it or Shelter, but when I play Warrior team I get Power Field cause they are tank, I need damage. Protective Field, Shelter and Rebirth can help your back line against Gemini Lords, the snow ball can kill back line followers if they aren’t strong or if they don’t have sustain, you can change the position of your team to make them kill the ice lord first, or the other one if needed, check their active skills and their attacks so you know which one you have to kill.

And items, this is very important. Try to make your suits, get the items you need, equip to your best followers, when you have enough suits in your team and good items for all other followers, you start crafting. You take the primary item (the main item you want to keep), and two secondary items you wont need, remember the primary item will gain the effect from one of the secondary items. If you put +%crit chance and +%armor in secondary slot for an item equipped to your tank, you have 50% chance of getting the critical chance instead of more armor. In your item reward, when you don’t need any of the items, pick the one with best effect to use it as secondary in crafting. Life Breath suit I upgrade the items so my tank can handle everything, and my atk speed/damage suits I upgrade and equip my legendary followers, cause they are too strong, usually I have 4 upgraded suits, I give 2 for my legendary followers, 1 for my tank and 1 for my highest level follower if he/she is very good.

After 1 or 2 runs you’ll win easily, I’m pretty sure.

Note: I could reach Torment II rechallenging each map twice, it demands precision to use spells in time, but the tips still worked in that difficulty.

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