MLB 09: The Show – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the MLB 09: The Show game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • If you are playing on an HDTV, do whatever you can to turn off any delay. If you have a game mode, use it. If you have digital filters or noise reducers or any settings like that on your TV you won’t be able to hit or pitch. At least I wasn’t.
  • For pitching, remember that you shouldn’t always throw max strength and hit the sweet spot every time. Mix up your speeds, and if your second “click” is past the sweet spot, your release will be a little later which can add curve to your curveballs or drop to your change-ups. If you release it earlier, it can keep a pitch straighter (which is usually not wanted, but you can fool people on the outside by making it look like your hanging a curveball outside of their reach).
  • Work the outside, and sometimes pitch in. You can’t just throw strikes, you need to go inside out, and work below the knees sometimes. Pay attention to the hitters. Some guys like low balls, some like high and inside. Pitch to their weaknesses.
  • Also pay attention to your situation. If there is a guy on first, dropping a sinker or a low change-up can create double-plays. If you’re going against a guy who doesn’t have much power, maybe forcing a fly ball might be a good way of getting him out.
  • For hitting, its tough. Remember the CPU will try to do basically what I wrote above, so watch for it. Don’t swing at everything and take some pitches, although I find the CPU doesn’t like to walk you. Once you get to 3 balls, they tend not to stray out of the zone, but that’s not 100%.
  • I turned contact and timing to easy via the sliders on mine until I got used to it, and slowly went to normal. I really suggest that. I also had to play small ball my first 15 games or so as I wasn’t hitting a lot of extra base hits. So I’d get a guy on first, bunt him over, or hit and run, etc.
  • Stealing is hard, and the CPU will figure out if you try and steal with Ellsbury every time he is on 1st. Don’t just steal automatically. You need to mix it up.
  • Oh, on defense, the CPU like to try and stretch a guy from first to third a lot. Try to throw to third, as I find I can get the free out pretty often over there.
  • If you’re having trouble with hitting, try not swinging at anything until you have two balls or fall behind in the count. You’re more likely to get better pitches to hit when the count is in your favor and you’ll even start drawing a few walks per game.
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