Aliens: Fireteam Elite – All Collectible Locations

Where and How to Find All Collectibles

UAS Endeavor Collectibles

1. Fulminium Alloy is located to the Left exiting the shop area behind a crate of boxes.

2. Battle Streamers can be found continuing from picked up the alloy then making a right till you locate a refill box. Facing the box heading forward will bring you to the streamers.

Priority One: Ingress Collectibles

1. Katanga Flight Recorder: This can be found before hitting your first Xenomorph encounter. At the T Junction towards Hoenniker’s PDT Head left instead of right towards the OBJ it will be in an alcove at the end of the hall.

2. Dead Facehugger Specimen: Continue forward until reaching the Dynamo Holdout. The Facehugger can be found behind the crate I am aiming at.

3. Colonial Indentured Contract: This Final Collectible of the mission is found after the introduction of Esther. Once you enter this recognizable room, Head to where I aim to find the contract it is the orange folder.

Priority One: Rescue

1. “Eye on Seegson” Magazine: When the mission begins head straight then take the first room on your left, take another left to find the magazine on the table.

2.Liquid Replenishment Latex: This Collectible can be found after your first major holdout. Upon entering a long staircase section take the first door on your right to find the Intel.

3. Working Joe Wrench: Continue Until you have to override the core. The wrench will located to the left door facing the control panel and then making another left onto a small overhang.

Priority One: Extraction

1. Hoennikers ID Badge: Right After starting the mission exit the elevator and then take either the left or right to get behind the elevator. The ID badge will be found on the floor.

2. Shipping Logs: A long ways into the level once you’ve exited the water portion you can find this clipboard of shipping logs down a small flight of stairs hidden in an alcove.

3. Dropship Cap: This is located right as you enter the room for the final Holdout. Turn left upon entering and you’ll find this hat located on top of some boxes.

Giants in The Earth: Insertion

1. Empty Can of Aspen Beer: Upon starting this mission after dealing with Bug Horde walk forward until you see a open Wey-Yu tent on your right. walk inside for the Intel.

2. Colonial Protection Act Pamphlet: further along the mission you’ll be put into an underground cavern with one path that leads to highground and one that leads lower. after dealing with the swarm that spawns stick to the lower road and at the end look towards the right to spot it on a box.

3. Frontier Pilots Cowboy Hat: Found at the very end of the mission. After crossing the bridge while Ko covers take a left towards the abandoned Lander. Hidden in a corner behind some boxes you’ll find a table holding the hat.

Giants in The Earth: Contact

1. Intel CMISRS: Upon starting this chapter you should soon find yourself in this room with the Giant head. Head to the base of the Head (Hahah) and you find this intel on a table.

2. Frontier War Intel: A lot further on into the level you should find yourself entering this room and immediately facing this ball. Head right of Ball (Beware there may be a pouncer) To pick up this Intel sitting on a table.

3. Synth Cap: Reaching the final Holdout area (Herrera will announce the presence of a Sniper Synth) Head up the crumbled ruins then take a right and another right till you find yourself staring at the featured generator. the cap will be close next to it.

Giants in The Earth: Evacuate

1. Hoenniker’s NDA: Found at the first standoff beneath where the Ammo Refill, Medkits, and Item Crates are.

2. Rodriguez ID Badge: When you enter the room with all the working Joe’s stick to the left side. once you’ve reach the end turn left till you a see a tent. approach the tent for the intel.

3. Server Panel: During the boss fight with SN/TH/YA look under the first core to find this Server panel. do this during or after the siege whichever you prefer.


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