Satellite Reign – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Satellite Reign game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • Purchase the Soldier’s grenade skill ASAP. They’re expensive early on but anyone can use grenades, ammunition is plentiful, and they destroy cover.
  • Focus on maxing out hacking and hardwiring early. It can be done before leaving downtown and lets you access every area.
  • First thing you should do in a new area is unlock the relay stations. They’re your fast travel and respawn points.
  • Send everyone to infiltrate buildings, you’ll get extra money or unique items depending on the mission. The description for banks makes it seem you have to choose but no, you can get the soldier bonus and hacker bonus.
  • Banks replenish money. I don’t know what kind of timer it’s on, probably less than 30 minutes real time, but revisit them every so often.
  • Finding researchers is a matter of chilling in a populated area with the world scanner turned on. Eventually you’ll bump into a yellow NPC who can be bribed.

Perfect stealth is really difficult. There’s no effective way to instantly kill enemies from afar. The key is to keep moving and not get cornered. Don’t get into prolonged firefights. Kill enemies with “!” above their head before they raise the alarm. Try to divert enemy attention so they don’t all flank your team. One trick is to have someone snipe cameras and retreat before the patrol comes. You can also hijack people or drones and send them running through a compound luring guards away.

  • The infiltrator’s sword skill is amazing for stealth. Enemies usually patrol in groups and this ability instantly closes the distance with your target, putting you in range to kill nearby enemies.
  • Don’t waste time building up a clone army from civilians. At level 2 hijack you can take over the simplest guards and they’re basically three times better than civilians.
  • If you see an enemy calling for reinforcements, you can move one of your operatives close to him and then attack. The operative will kick the enemy before shooting, cancelling the reinforcement call.
  • You can also instantly interrupt a call for reinforcements with the hijack ability.
  • Team Stims on your Support is your “Pause and give orders” button. Upgrade it fast.
  • Hardwire is barely used and can be worked around with either explosives (or just lots of shooting), taking an alternate path, or forcing the skill with low probability and running away when someone comes to investigate if you fail. Remote explosives can be great for this if you have them.

Similarly, hacking is nowhere near as important as you might think. It’s more commonly needed than hardwire and explosives don’t often work as a replacement, but you can still brute-force with low skill. Although there’s like two level 5 terminals in the first district, neither offers anything worth rushing hacking 5 for and you can come back later. Settle for 2-3 points in hacking and go grab lower level banking terminals in another district instead.

It’s much more important to rush hijack than hacking. Higher levels of hijack give you more goons, and lets you pick up higher level ones for more points (e.g. the aforementioned light soldier worth two civilians). Interrupting the highest level enemies can be hugely beneficial, even if you don’t manage to complete the hijack. Higher level hijacks also give you clones with massive stat boosts. +70 energy on your infiltrator can let them stealth through even the biggest plazas.

Silencers do work and it’s absolutely worth everyone having at least one silenced weapon. They greatly reduce the sound radius of the shots, drawing less attention, but don’t seem to do jack about the giant laser beam or plasma gout coming out of your gun. Giving your infiltrator a silenced ballistic rifle weapon will let you snipe people once they have enough of the damage skills. A ‘silenced’ plasma smg not so much.

Cameras do respawn. I think it takes about 30-60 minutes. By all means have a hijacked soldier run through a base shooting out cameras before you make your real run, just don’t dawdle excessively. This is mostly noticeable for compounds you revisit for several diffferent runs. If you zone or load the game they also instantly respawn.

Civilian armies are great for setting off firefights on the other side of a base and drawing off patrols that might be approaching your guys, especially early on. Just be aware that they probably don’t have clearance to be there and will probably be shot at even if they’re not doing anything suspicious. Once you’ve got higher levels of hijack guards do work better, but three 5 second distractions is usually better than a single 10 second distraction.

Hijacks who haven’t made themselves obvious to the opposition can also open doors for you without you having to hack/hardwire/explode them. Just have them stand in the middle of the thing whilst your team files through.

Put cloaking generators on your three non-infiltrators, and a remote hacking tool on your infiltrator. They’ll help out a lot once you have the spare slots and cash available and actually let you keep your team together for stealth runs. Mobilty and option cybernetics (vents/jumping/etc) are also really good. As you say, you can’t really rely on stealth without full mobility options or cloaking generators, some areas are just too open.

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