Satellite Reign – Guide to Money, EXP and Exploits

In this guide I will be explain the money and experience system in Satellite Reign and a few exploits to gain money and experience afk.


Money in this game can be obtained in many ways. The most common way to get money would be through siphoning money from ATM’s. Simply walk up to an ATM with your hacker and right click on it, this will begin a hacking process. Make sure there are no cameras or enemies in the general area or they will see you and attack. Another way to gain money is doing activities such as military compounds, banks, etc. You can find a list of activities in the District tab once you have activated all the relay beacons.

Experience & Priority Skills

Experience is everywhere. You do anything and you get exp for it. The most exp gain you will get is when you complete missions. Although the amount is different from mission to mission, you know when you complete a mission you will most likely level up. The skills you should prioritise are Hacking (for terminals), Hardwiring (for accessing doors you can’t access through hacking), Master Thief (for extra money when you complete activities), and Field Medic (for healing your team).


Now, the question we all wanted to know, how do I exploit this game? There are a few decent ways to exploit the game but my favourite is simply afking. ATM’s consistently give you money, all you have to do is rob the bank, then all the ATM’s in the district will appear on the map. Go around siphoning the ATM’s and when you have as many as you can get it is time for the exploit.

  • Step 1: Save your game.
  • Step 2: Host a multiplayer game with the save from single player (create a random password so no one gets in).
  • Step 3: Walk into a restricted area and make sure your not spotted.
  • Step 4: Hide somewhere and make your you won’t be spotted (this will level you up).
  • Step 5: AFK.

It’s that simple. The reason you have to go into the multiplayer is because the game pauses if your afk too long in single player.

Written by Drakonis

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