King’s Bounty II – All Orelien’s Painting Locations

Locations of All Orelien’s Paintings


Here is guide to the quest “Collect Orelien’s Paintings”. All paintings can be found during story quests. Possible spoilers.

First Painting

The first painting is in the Dupont Estate. We get there during the quest “Philanthropist and Patron of the Arts”

Second Painting

The second painting is located in Floster. After completing the quest “The missing Treasurers”, the worries end and a pass to the second half of the city opens. That’s where the painting is located.

Third Painting

The third painting is in Bludgeon’s stash. We can find it during the quest “The Merchant Guild’s Secrets”. To open the stash, you need to pick up the iron rod on the table.

Fourth Painting

The fourth painting can be found during the quest “The Cult’s Laboratory”. After the meeting with Gisella, in the room behind her.

If you’ve already left the location but haven’t picked up the painting, you can always return there through the portal in Floster.

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