Bum Simulator – How to Make Fast Money (Easy Method)

Legal and easy way to make money.

Guide to Make Money

Step 1. Building

  • First you need to place a lot of Bum Shelters.
  • For 10000 $ you need like 15 Shelters.

How to Build the Shelters

  • Tip before you build them.
  • Go in your Skill tree and Skill “Better Tools”.
  • This will decrease the material cost of all construction.

After that they only cost you:

  • 1 Aluminum Sheet
  • 2 Cardboard
  • 1 Wood

Very easy to get.

Step 2. Buying Cigarettes

  • Go to a store and buy 20 Cigarettes for $5.

Note: If you already build a few shelters, go and buy more then 20.

Step 3. Lets Make Some Money

  • Now you lean back and pay you Creeps with 1 Cigarette to gather you 5$.
  • Everytime you do this, it takes around 30 secondes for them to get 5$.
  • So, if you got 10 Shelter you get 6000$ in 1 hour.
  • With more Shelters you earn more money.

Note: every cigarette you buy is 0.25$ btw) so 0.25$ +30 secondes = 5$.

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