Bum Simulator – How to Earn Money Easy

Want to earn hundreds of dollars in just a few minutes? easy! simply choose whatever tactic from this guide you want as you grow your bum empire!

Tips to Earn Money Easy

Option 1 – Eggplant

The easiest (but not the most efficient) way to earn money in my opinion is growing and selling eggplants.

With the right upgrades, you can grow 8 eggplants ($1.66 each) and they can stack upwards of 9999, so long as you use a bug to over-stack:

  • Have at least 2 groups of eggplants, one with 8.
  • The one without 8(if they both have 8, choose any one) should be dragged onto the one with 8.
  • The extra 3 will be stacked onto the one you where holding because of a bug that limits stacks to 5.

If you have a large stack after a bit of time(I got something like 200 after an in-game day or so) you can simply just launch it into the sell box for good $$$ and repeat.

Option 2 – Tobacco

A more efficient but time costly way to earn money is growing and selling tobacco.

Sadly, you cannot over-stack tobacco so you need to make multiple trips to sell it. It’s worth more, but really not enough to make it worth it in my opinion.

Seeds could be bought or found it bird poop.

Option 3 – Chairs N’ Stuff

Ever find patio chairs or other misc items around the world you can’t put in Carl? sell it for money. It’s not the most efficient way, but free and easy to loop.

How to loop it:

  • Find a group of patio chairs near a place to sell them.
  • Sell them all for $3:33.
  • Save the game.
  • Load the game to re-spawn the chairs.
  • Loop for money.
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  1. Or you could just build Shelter beside Shelter, close to each other so one is looking at the back of another and send them to Money Missions.
    Since they dont drop Money like the rest of the Ressources they need lower Space, even if you want to use them for Scrap its better this way, you can build them Close enough to get 3 in the Space of 1 which could drop Ressources. get the 1 Skill for more Loot on Missions and the 3 get 15$ while the 1 Shelter got 10 Ressource, go to Jello and Buy it instand and you even get more Money out of it.
    If you dont move your mouse it will be carry to the other Shelters, so just strafe with A and D and run your Line while using 2 Times E on a Shelter.
    I need around 1 Min for my 40 Shelters which in turn give me 200$, minus 40 Cigerettes so 190$ and no need to carry Stack over Stack and go to sell them.

    And you can start with a few and then getting more and more

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